Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Lovin'

I can't believe summer is almost over. I have no idea where the time went. SERIOUSLY! Where did it go? I feel like I haven't been home since..... May? So, where have I been?

Well, in May and June I took some graduate school classes that almost put me to sleep.

I also worked REALLY hard at my job preparing for a conference I went to in July. I was in charge of some super important stuff and it was pretty hectic and stressful. I was there for eight days. It doesn't sound like a long time, but trust me, it was. On the plus side, my BFF from high school happens to be living in said town where the conference is held so we got to hang out at some pretty sweet local bars where they only charge $1.50 for beers. So I spent a lot of the time looking like our friend Lindsey.

I also took a few trips to visit my better half and I also went on a fun trip to New York City, too. Where I spent way too much money. And before I knew it, it was the end of August. So that's my summer in a nutshell.

As for Lauren, she graduated from Law School (YAY!) and went to the beach. So everyone congratulate her, or else.

What did you guys do? Keep it clean, this is a family blog.



A.Jaye said...

This summer I've been preparing for Autunm. Sounds like you did okay though. 8 days at a conference is a long time. I hate the enforced anonymity of hotel rooms.

I'm tempted to suffer the 'or else' but congrats to Lauren. If you don't need a lawyer at some point in your life then you've done something wrong.

$1.50 per drink? That'd get you arrested over here.

Alicia said...

Well, *ahem* this summer I broke up with my bf, went to STL Pride, somehow avoided being laid off, went to Toronto, relearned CPR, and discovered the awesomeness that is Graeter's Ice Cream.

And I'm not sure where the summer went either. It's hard to believe that OSU Football season starts Saturday. Mmm OH-IO...

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