Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock on, American Idols!

So it's Rock and Roll Week on American Idol - this should be exciting. What I was expecting out of some of the contestants tonight, I did not get. The performances were way more boring than I thought they would be. I was hoping for some of the contestants to shine a little more this week since rock and roll is such a great category, but some of the song choices were strange. It will be interesting to see what happens Wednesday night. Enjoy the review and please don’t hate me for my opinion!

1. Adam
Song Choice: "Whole Lotta Love," Led Zepplin

Okay Adam looks scary, and I don’t like the song choice. He could have done so much with this week, and I think he chose a song that did not do it for him. I know, I haven’t been a supporter of him, but this week he really didn’t do as well as I expected him to do. I thought it would be a standout performance for him and to be honest, I didn’t like it at all. His screechy voice and his ability to always look like a freak is starting to weird me out.
(And sorry, Randy, but I still thought Broadway when I saw him, because he is way too dramatic and over the top!)

2. Allison
Song Choice: "Cry Baby," Janis Joplin
I love her! I really want her to make it to the finals in this competition. She looks awesome and sounds awesome tonight! This is a great song! A little boring in the middle, but she sounds great. I thought she could have picked a different song to showcase her rock side more, but overall she sound good. Not my favorite performance from her, but it was pretty nice. Could have been edgier but it was good vocally, but still a little disappointing for me.

Duet number 1: Danny and Kris
Song: "Renegade," Styx
Uh, why the hell is Idol doing duets?! I am not so sure what is happening here. Kris and Danny actually sound good on this song. Kris hit a few bad notes and Danny sounds great when he hits is higher notes. It was different and interesting. I think they should leave this out next season, though. There was really no point in having them do duets.
(Editor's Note: Click here for my personal favorite version of this song! It fills my heart with so much joy.)

3. Kris
Song Choice: "Come Together," The Beatles

Interesting song choice since I don’t consider it to be rock and roll, but whatever. Haha - he said he wanted to pee his pants in his video clip about meeting Slash. That was funny! Kris sounds great tonight! I really like how he took a genre that wasn’t really his and chose a song that he could make sound more like him. It showed how talented of a musician he is. It’s a shame because most Americans won't pick up on that and we will lose a great talent. Not only is he one of the best voices in this competition, but you can tell he is also a talented musician, and knows how to stay true to his musical style.

4. Danny
Song Choice: "Dream On," Aerosmit
Oh, Lord. I am nervous for him. This is a difficult song to sing - all of Aerosmith songs are. I am not sure if he can pull it off. He sounds good, but you can tell he is definitely not rock and roll. That last note was a little off for sure, but it was a nice try. Not one of my favorite performances from him, but I think his fan base will save him this week.

Duet number 2: Allison and Adam
Song: "Slow Ride," Foghat

Allison sounds great on the duet, and Adam is, of course, way over the top. But overall, I guess they sound good together. I just don’t like that they did this duet thing. It's not that exciting, and they ended up going over on time again. I am going to have nightmares of Adam's screeching vocals all night now. Wow, he is annoying me more and more every week.

Bottom two: Okay so I am guessing on a bottom two this week because I don’t know if I can pick three. I am going to say that Kris and Adam will be in the bottom two with Kris going home. I know you all might think I am crazy for putting Adam there, but I just think he may have disappointed some of his fans this week. I guess we will see. Thanks for reading!



Lauren said...

i am gonna guess kris and allison in the bottom... and allison goes home. just my guess.

Andrea<3AI!! said...

I just don't want Allison to go home. I voted like crazy for her last night. I honestly didn't think Adam did that well last night but I have never liked him.