Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol: Showdown of the Final Three

So, I almost didn’t write a review tonight, because I am so upset my girl Allison did not make it. However, I realized that I couldn’t stop writing just because my favorite is out, so I have put together a little review for you. Enjoy the review below and I will be back for my final recap next week - I cant believe its almost over! I’m anxious to find out where they will be holding auditions for next season, and I am hoping I can make it out to them. Anyways, enjoy and be sure to come back next week for the finale!

1. Danny
Song Choice 1: "Dance Little Sister" by Terence Trent D'Arby (Paula’s choice)
Song Choice 2: "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker (his own choice)

The first song was interesting, but I didn’t expect anything less from Paula Abdul. It's different, and I think Danny sounds good on it. I think the band overpowered him a little but he sounded great on the first song!

The second song that Danny picked I think was an awesome choice for him. The way he changed it up sounds great! He gave it his own little touch and it sounded great! I think he is definitely moving on to the final round.

2. Kris
Song Choice 1: "Apologize" by OneRepublic (Kara and Randy’s song choice)
Song Choice 2: "Heartless" by Kanye West (his own choice)

Great first song choice, but I don’t know if Kris can pull it off. I like that he is showing how talented he is by playing another instrument at the piano. I think throughout this competition he was overlooked a little and he is actually extremely talented. Kris sounded pretty good on the first song!

Okay, Kris’s second song choice is a strange one - I am worried about how this will work out for him. I am thrilled he is playing the guitar. It definitely shows his talent. Great arrangement, I hope this puts Kara in her place for that comment on the first song. He is brilliant, and I think he deserves to go to the final round. I might have to vote for him tonight!

3. Adam
Song Choice 1: "One" by U2 (Simon's choice)
Song Choice 2: "Cryin'" by Aerosmith (his own choice)

OMG I hate U2 - they have to be one of my least favorite bands in this world and now my least favorite Idol is singing it, great. I don’t get why people like him at all. He sounds terrible in my opinion. I am concerned that my understanding of music has been misguided or something because I hate him so much. The hype over Adam has got me all kinds of confused. Sorry guys, I just don’t get it.

Okay, totally my favorite Aerosmith song, and I’m pretty sure he is going to ruin it for me. I can’t even comment on him anymore because I will have all of his fans wanting to kill me. I will just say that I hope he does not make it to the finals.

Who do you think will make it to the finale? Make sure to leave your comments!




Lauren said...

i forgot to leave my predictions earlier, but i was definitely hoping it was kris and adam... i am not a gokey fan at all. i want kris to win the whole thing, but i really doubt it's going to happen.
glambert is going to win this bitch.

Andrea<3AI!! said...

I wanted it to be Kris and Danny just for the fact that I hate Adam but whatever. I think idol is pimping Adam to win and then when he doesnt sell records I will laugh in their faces!!

A.Jaye said...

What are you going to do next week Lex?

Lex said...

Good question, A.Jaye!

A.Jaye said...

You'll have to keep posting and I'll find out.