Thursday, May 21, 2009


It all comes down to this. Who will it be? Adam the crazy, fearless rocker or Kris the warm, friendly musician?

They are both talented (I know I said Adam was talented), but only one can win. Now, if you are a true American Idol fan like I am, then you probably check like yours truly! If that’s the case, then you know they are predicting Kris to win tonight, and they have been correct on their predictions for the last four seasons. Some say this would be an American Idol upset, I say it would be cool. In any case we will know for sure in two hours! Enjoy the following review I typed up as I was watching the show, and remember - it’s all just my opinion, nothing serious. And once again, thanks for reading!

I want to start by stating that I believe the group numbers are lame. I have always thought that, and they always look like the most awkward part for the contestants. That is probably why I have never been to an American Idols Live Tour, and I am a pretty big American Idol fan. The cheesy dance moves and terrible song arrangements are just too much for me to handle. I really can’t stand them. That being said, I did not think highly of the group numbers tonight. The only decent one was the one with Carlos Santa. It's also not good when the contestants sound better than the artist they bring on to do the group numbers. (Like Fergie for example, she sounded terrible when she sang by herself). Rod Stewart sounded good, but is it me or does he look really, really old?

And what is with these "Golden Idol" awards? I thought they would be over these and not be doing them this year. I guess I was wrong. I knew Bikini girl would be on here again. I though it was hilarious what Kara did to her and that she pulled off her dress. That was by far the funniest Idol moment for me. Of course I knew Norman would make another appearance and we all knew Tatiana would be back. All three awards were funny, but really not necessary and could have eliminated about 45 minutes of a two-hour finally.

There were some really good duets tonight and there were some not so great ones. Starting the duets off was Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds, and they sounded great. It was actually the first time I liked Lil Rounds and the first time she actually looked comfortable on stage.

Another great duet was Kris and Keith. I mean Kris had to be freaking out about that one. Come on, Keith Urban is an amazing guitar player and for Kris (who is also a guitar player) to play with him, that had to be an amazing experience.

I thought having her duet be with Cyndi Lauper cheated Allison. I just would not have paired those two together. Unexpectedly, it sounded pretty good.

Danny’s duet with Lionel Ritchie was awesome. I (and my boyfriend as well) thought that Danny sounded amazing. We both agree that he was voted off to early and my boyfriend actually picked him as the winner from his audition. I hope Danny gets a record deal!

And, of course, Adam's duet was too over dramatic for my tasting. I was shocked by what he was wearing. I give him props for not caring what others think about him. I wish I were fearless like that. I am also shocked that KISS was on American Idol. It’s amazing how much this show has changed since it first started. And I just want to note that it was totally random to see Steve Martin play an instrument seriously.

Which brings me to my final conclusion that America voted two totally different contestants into the season finally. They are both extremely talented and very different artists, and tonight was the most versatile American Idol finale ever. There was a nice mix of music and talent, although it wasn’t necessary for it to be two hours long, it was overall a great show.

(SPOILER ALERT) That being said - I am thrilled the title went to Kris Allen! I think his voice is ready for radio and that he will do fairly well with this win. Adam will most definitely have a career after Idol, and I am thinking it will be Broadway. Regardless, have no fear - he will not be forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews this season, and I can’t wait till January next year when I can start writing them again for you. Have a fantastic summer, and hopefully you will check in with me next season. Who knows maybe I will be on American Idol and can write a behind the scenes blog for you all to read! You never know!


(Editor's Note from Lex: On behalf of Lauren and myself - THANK YOU, Andrea for doing these recaps! We really enjoy having you here on Sooperserial, and we're already looking forward to next season. You are amazing! And just in case you missed last night's announcement of the winner, you can watch it below.)


A.Jaye said...

You know I don't watch the show Lex, but I'm going to be a wee mischiebious.

Do you think either of these two rocker/musician will have recording success? Even I've heard of Kelly Clarkson. And you've heard of Leonna Lewis.

Or do you think its a career in celebreality?

Lex said...

The runner-up has the real potential to be succesful on Broadway (he was in a production of Wicked prior to this), but I don't see either of them achieving Kelly Clarkson-esque fame. Kris Allen is white bread and will quickly be forgotten.

Junior said...

Just wanted to say I loved the recaps even when I stopped watching the show!

Andrea<3AI!! said...

Thanks so much guys I really enjoyed writing the recaps for you! Thanks for reading them. And I would like to comment on A. Jaye's question about the contestants having a successful recording career after Idol. I believe that it is hard to break away from the Idol name and make a name for your self in the music industry. Most contestants have a few hits here and there but not many have had success like Kelly or Carrie. I believe that if you are talented and know what you want to do and don’t let the executives direct your every move then you have the potential to do great in music after Idol. Adam will probably be the most successful from this season only because we already know to expect the unexpected from him and he will more than likely have that creative freedom from his label (think Chris Daughtry). Most idol contestants don't know what they are getting themselves into when they do this show and unfortunately end up being eaten alive by the executives and other behind the scenes people in the music business. You have to be strong and know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go in the music business to be a success, especially after idol. I think that’s why it seems to be easier for the country people to make it because it’s more black and white with that genre. Usually you are either country or your not. But once again this is all just my two cents and nothing serious or worth anything really. Thanks for reading guys!

A.Jaye said...

Two cents is always worth something Andrea especially in times like these.

American Idol, Pop Idol, X-factor opened the industry machinations to the public. If just a little. If you've got no chips it's hard to bargain with the croupier. Still I'd rather bargain with Cowell than with Spector.

The alternative is to have the mountain come to Mohammed. The little of American Idol that I watched in the early days - Fantasia etc - showed me that the contestants are more performers than artists.

Ya think Madonna Sade or Amy Winehouse would have got anywhere on this show?