Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's go to the movies! ....Or just watch Idol do it.

I thought the cinema theme was a little odd for Idol tonight. I also thought it was odd that they had Quentin Tarantino as the mentor - what the hell does he know about singing and music? I mean, I guess he includes songs in his movies, but does he really know that much about music? I don’t know, I’m not convinced, and I’m a little confused. I can tell already that Adam will have a great week since it’s a director for a mentor and he is over dramatic every week. One thing I hated about this week for sure was how they didn’t allow the judges to talk for every performance. The whole point of the show is to hear what Simon is going to say after each performance. They better change that one next week. Below you will find my review of each performance.

1. Allison
Song Choice: "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing"
Artist: Aerosmith
I love this song, and I love her! I’m surprised she is going with slower songs but it works for her. She doesn’t sound that great this week, and I’m surprised because I really like her. It would be a shame if she went home too early in this competition. Yes, and the judges love her! And just for the record - from the moment she auditioned, I said she was going to make it the finals (and actually I said she would win the entire show), so if that happens then I will say I told you so.

2. Anoop
Song Choice: "Everything I do, I do it for you"
Artist: Bryan Adams
Great song! He is another one that is doing all these slow songs for some reason now. Oh, and he pulled an Adam had a colored spotlight! He sounds great, and this is just a great song choice for him. I like his arrangement of the song. He really went with all the in your face sections of the song and it worked in his favor. He sounded great on all levels. Although I am wondering what the heck he is wearing.

3. Adam
Song Choice: "Born to be Wild"
Artist: Steppenwolf
I really can’t comment on Adam anymore, because I have this strong hatred for him. He is just too dramatic for me. Although I will admit, and this is the first time I will say anything positive about him so prepare yourself - you would definitely get your money’s worth if you paid to see him in concert someday. He is somewhat entertaining, but way too over the top for Idol in my opinion. He is pure 80’s rock and roll and if you like that thing, then great for you. Not so much for my old school country heart.

4. Matt
Song Choice: "Have you Ever Really Loved a woman?"
Artist: Bryan Adams
This song makes me cry it is so great. I know, I am a dork. But this is a great song choice and a great choice for him. LOVE this song. He didn’t change it much or make the song his own, but it was still pretty good. Vocally he was a little off there towards the end, but it was an all right performance for him. He has done better, but he was still good. He may be in trouble this week.

Song Choice: "Endless Love"
Artist: Lionel Ritchie
Great song choice, and he seems really into it. Perfect song for his range - can he sing me to sleep every night please?! However, I don’t like him without glasses for some reason. He looks too serious. He also looks sad this week, like Simon said, as if the song has a lot of meaning for him. He sounds great every week, and I’m cheering for him!

6. Kris
Song Choice: "Falling Slowly"
Artist: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
I have never heard this song before, so I am interested to see how this goes. The song is a little boring, but it fits his voice and you can tell he is really into it. It might be a little low for his range in some parts. I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this performance, but he sounds great. I thought that was really brave and he pulled it off. I agree with Kara, it was one of his best performances in terms of proving he is as an artist. Great job, Kris!

7. Lil
Song Choice: "The Rose"
Artist: Bette Midler
Of course they would give her the pimp spot, since they want her to win. She bores me, and I wish she would leave soon. Of all songs, why would she pick this one? She is not hitting all of her notes and is trying too hard, causing it to sound terrible. This may be her last week, hopefully. I love how Simon rolled his eyes, and I totally agree with what he says. Lil was not good tonight and with the competition being so tight talent wise, she will probably go home.

Bottom three: Matt, Kris and Lil
I think Matt and Kris are both better than how they performed tonight, and I truly believe that Lil deserves to go home. If we are looking at it from a performance perspective, (which we are suppose to be doing), then Lil gave the worst performance, and has been giving pretty terrible performances each week. Hopefully it will be the end for her. Well, thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Dave said...

I think Lil's performances have really dropped. Early on she was doing fantastic and she has just been choosing songs that are not a good fit for her. I think they keep putting too much faith in her and she is not pulling it off. Also I think you need to stop hating on Adam because you are going to feel really bad when he makes it further than Allison. One last thing, I don't get why people like Danny, to me he is average and there is nothing special about him at all.

Marissa said...

I am soooo sick of you saying that you "hate" Adam!! lol Andrea, you are a singer. You started out on the stage. You should know better than half of the people watching Idol- Adam is good. He is DIFFERENT. Isn't that what Idol is about? I remember when people would complain that everyone sounded alike on the show. Finally, we get someone unique, and people are hating. Who cares if he sings high notes? Heck, if I could reach sky high like Mariah I would sing like that all the time too!! Not only that, Adam is pretty much always on key. Unlike Danny. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Danny as well, but he has had some bad nights. He is not always hitting th right notes. Do people pity him because he is a widower???? I thought he was awful this week. Hmmmm....
I do love Allison and am pushing for her to make it through to the top 3. For being only 16, she has it going on. I also like Kris. He has really surprised me. I agree with Kara, I feel like this last performance was his best. And, on that note, I really like Kara as a judge. She knows what she is talking about. One negative thing, though. It did suck and it wasn't fair that only 2 judges at a time could speak. That could have swayed votes in different directions. Unfortunately, on this show, sometimes it's not about how well the contestants sing....

Andrea<3AI!! said...

ok Dave here is the thing...first off it was nice to finally meet you so that I understand where this whole scooter thing came from, and second I agree Lil has dropped week by week and the judges seem to think she is something that she is not. I don't know where the judges are getting this from because I never thought she was all that great, I mean good but not great. And on another note....Marissa, I apologize for hating Adam so much but he just isn't my style. Now I can appreciate talent when I see it and I will admit that yes he is talented but I think its almost a little show offish. Its one thing to have that much of a range but its not necessary to show it off every week. Also one of the many reasons I love Allison is because she is so young and I don't think she realizes how talented she really is. To be 16 and have that much of a voice and that much of a stage presence and not seem cocky about it....that is just amazing to me. Adam on the other hand knows how talented he is...which isn't necessarily a bad thing but on this show it could hurt you. But overall it just comes down to personal taste and Adam is not my taste in music, Allison is more my musical style. So in my future writings I will try not to be so harsh about Adam since for me it comes down to personal musical style.

Thanks for reading guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I've known you all your life. lol It's ok to have an opinion. If you don't like Adam, then you don't like him. These are you posts so you have every right to say whatever you want. And, I agree, he knows that he is good, but he has also struggled with the music business. Maybe he has a right...?? Allison is awesome. I hope she makes it to the final 3.
Much love!! XOXO

Marissa said...

Oops I forgot to leave my name....