Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idol: Disco Fever!

So this week was disco week on Idol, and it’s also going to be 7 contestants instead of 6, since last week the judges saved Matt. I will admit I am upset that I had to miss the judges actually use their judges save. From what I hear it was a pretty crazy and overly dramatic night last Wednesday on Idol - and I missed it to sit in the rain at a Pirates game! (Don’t worry, the dollar hot dogs were worth every raindrop hitting my head!) At any rate, here is my review of Disco Inferno, and I will say the contestants came out in full force tonight! It was an interesting and enjoyable show tonight. I hope you enjoy the review, and please leave comments as I actually check back and read them! Thanks guys!

1. Lil Rounds
Song Choice: "I’m Every Woman"
Artist: Shaka Khan
I think week after week Lil gets progressively worse. The version of this song and they way it was cut was terrible and did not showcase her voice at all. Not only did she sound terrible but she looked terrible as well - what on earth was she wearing? She should probably go home. They gave her too many shots. Wow Kara was harsh tonight, and I agree with what Simon said about it being “a mess.”

2. Kris
Song Choice: "She Works Hard for the Money"
Artist: Donna Summer
Strange song choice but I really like what he did with it. Comparing him to what Lil just did before him is like apples to oranges. Kris is doing exactly what he should be doing - taking a song and arranging it to make it his own. Great performance from Kris tonight, and I agree with what the judges are saying!

3. Danny
Song Choice: "September"
Artist: Earth, Wind and Fire
Never thought he would pick this song. He sounds pretty good. When he goes into his upper range he sounds his best. When he is in the lower range, not so much. But he sounds pretty good tonight. I think the other contestants are overshadowing him and he may need to step up his game soon. I am worried he is playing it too safe and he may need to spice it up next week with something different.

4. Allison
Song Choice: "Hot Stuff"
Artist: Donna Summer
Oh, I like how she started the song with a very bluesy/sexy kind of vibe. I like the arrangement she put together and how she sang it. Seemed a little slower but a nice change. I think she is overlooked and deserves to go far. I still can’t believe she is only 16 years old. How do you have that much stage presence and that much of a voice at 16? CRAZY! I agree with Simon, and I think she will last longer than what other people are predicting.

5. Adam
Song Choice: "If I Can't Have You"
Artist: Yvonne Elliman
Sorry, I still don’t like him, personally. I expected him to sing something faster and funkier, especially for disco night. He sounds good but not his best I don’t think. It seemed like he wasn’t hitting all of his notes and it was way too indulgent for me. The judges must be so bored with the other contestants that they just give him so much praise. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

6. Matt
Song Choice: "Stayin' Alive"
Artist: Bee Gees
He sounds great - excellent choice for him! I really like how he arranged the song to fit him vocally. He really sounds great this week. I truly hope he sticks around some more. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin so much from a few seasons ago. He looks great tonight, too. Good for him, because he really brought it tonight. I totally disagree with what Simon said about his performance - he was brilliant tonight!

7. Anoop
Song Choice: "Dim all the Lights"
Artist: Donna Summer
He sounds pretty good tonight. I like when he sings the slower songs. They really show off his range. Strange song to pick for disco night, but its working with his voice. It was somewhat boring and the last note was off. I am not sure how America is going to vote but I have a feeling he may be in trouble this week considering two are going home.

Bottom three: Well, I have no idea who is going home this week since it will be two contestants. My guess and my hope is that Lil is leaving. I can’t even guess as to who the other contestant will be, but I’ll take a shot. I’m thinking it’s going to be Lil, Matt and Anoop, with Lil definitely leaving. That’s all I've got for tonight so enjoy and let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading!



Lauren said...

hey andrea,
i also think it's going to be lil, matt, and anoop... and i wish they would all leave.
i am getting so sick of everyone on this show except for little pocket-sized kris.

Dave said...

I agree that it is def time for Lil to leave, and I think Matt is out too, the lyrics he sang last night were almost like a desperate plea to "stay alive" on the show. I actually really want Matt to leave this week just to show that the judges completely wasted their veto on him
I don't understand how you could hate on Adam, but then back up Danny every week. Adam stands out each and every week which is exactly what is necessary. He finds the best arrangements for him every week. I loved how he cooled down the Disco Inferno slowing everything down this week. Danny and Anoop just seem to come out and sing a song every week. Adam and Kris come out and steal the show. Somehow I always forget about Allison. I love her when I hear her, but by the end of the show I forget all about her, she needs something to really break out if she wants to stick around longer.

Andrea<3AI!! said...

Yeah I agree that Danny and Anoop need to step up their game sometime soon. To be honest I dont really know why I like Danny anymore. But I do like that Kris changes his arrangements every week and keeps us guessing. I just cant explain why I dont like Adam....something bothers me about him. And Allison rocks!! She doesnt get enough credit, I still cant believe she is only 16...thats amazing to me. Thanks for reading guys!

Lauren said...

here is what bothers me about adam, even though no one asked me. i think that he gets all this praise for being new, different, unique, edgy, etc. - when he's really not. he is a good singer, and he has fantastic arrangements... but for me, that's about it. there are people out there that are ACTUALLY doing new and different things (even in mainstream music there are kanye and lady gaga) - and this guy just isn't like that.
i think what is primarily bothering me about it is how people think they are somehow hip because they like this particular contestant.

Dave said...

I am hip for a variety of reasons

Andrea<3AI!! said...

Yes Lauren I agree completely. The judges keep saying he is great and that he is modern and to be honest I don’t believe he will do well out in the music world. Yeah he is talented and I get that he can hit high notes and that’s cool but radio will not like him today. Most contestants on this show aren’t going to make it big...that’s just the truth. If you look back and think about it there are only a handful of contestants that have made a successful music career out of idol. But I guess its always interesting to see where the contestants end up.