Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: The Year They Were Born

First off, I'm sorry I haven’t been writing reviews for a while - life caught up with me somewhere along the way. Anyway, I am back, and I was expecting this night to be filled with boring, cheesy 80’s music, and I was slightly surprised. This season they sure are picking the most boring, snore worthy songs though. But one things for sure, Simon and Paula are acting stranger and stranger each week. It’s like Paula drags on forever and then Simon completes her sentences, and it’s just strange to me. What’s even stranger is that I am agreeing with everything the judges are saying tonight, with the exception of what they said about Chris and Adam. But yeah, below you will find my recap and opinions. And just to give you a heads up, Allison and Matt were AMAZING!! I really love both of them and it doesn’t hurt that they picked great songs! Anyway, enjoy the review and please leave me comments so I know that people actually read these things.

1. Danny
Song Choice: "Stand By Me"
Odd song choice but whatever, it might work. Different version, which was actually kinda cool. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin a little. I am starting to think that anything Danny does is awesome. I really think he is in it to win it, and I am totally okay with that.

2. Chris
Song Choice: "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"
He is going to rock on this song, perfect for his range. I like that he is playing the guitar but not liking that he is in the audience. That is so weird for me. He made the song very pop and relevant which I LOVED!! The judges are idiots, I thought his performance was great tonight.

3. Lil
Song Choice: "What’s Love Got To Do With It"
Great song choice. She looks completely different than the past weeks, and the new look is much better. I really don’t think she has anything special to her voice, and I never thought that, so I don’t know what the judges see in her. But she sounds all right tonight, but nothing compared to Tina Turner. It just didn’t work for me tonight. Kinda harsh to say, but I hope she is gone this week, because I personally don’t like her.

4. Anup
Song Choice: "True Colors"
LOVE this song and I am a little surprised he chose this. Great song! He sounds okay. I have a feeling he wont be safe this week - the song was a little boring and it never really picked up. He does have an awesome voice though! I hope he is safe because he is one of my early favorites. Plus the judges loved him, yay!

5. Scott
Song Choice: "The Search Is Over"
Weird to see him standing and playing the guitar (and singing about sight). Wow, there was some rough notes in there, but mad props for doing something completely different. I agree with the judges on this one. HAHA Scott says he has a punk side - I find that funny.

Song Choice: "I Cant Make You Love Me"
I LOVE this song, and I sing it at every karaoke bar I go to. Strange that Allison picked this song, but she sounds great. She has great control of her voice and I love her! I agree with the judges and every week she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson! I love, love, love, LOVE her! From the beginning I picked her to be in the finale, and I still think she has a chance.

7. Matt
Song Choice: Part Time Lovers
OMG LOVE HIM! That beginning was so awesome. Stevie Wonder is so hard to sing and he sounds great! He reminds me so much of Justin Timberlake its freaky. He really sounds great and it’s so different than last week. He def does this soul thing better than whatever he did last week. It was AWESOME! Agree with the judges completely!

8. Adam
Song Choice: "Mad World"
My sister is in love with him. I never saw it, and I still don’t see it after tonight. What the hell is this song? He always does something so dramatic and I just never get it. It actually irritates me. Like he has this special light on him and shit. Dude, you are just on American Idol - you’re not some superstar. And I do not agree with the judges on this one. I just don’t get him. Each week I think I am missing something, but I have yet to find it with him.

Bottom three:
Between Scott and Anup

I think and I hope that Lil will be leaving, but I am sure it will be someone else or that the judges will save her if she is going home. We shall see!


Lex said...

OK, I'm going to kick off the comments here by asking if the first guy sang "Stand by Me" as in the original "Darlin, darlin' staaaand, by me...." version...? If so, how old is he?! Because that song has to be at least 40 years old, AT LEAST!

Andrea said...

hahah no it was some weird version of the was slow and a little creepy but I still love him!

Dave said...

I was so happy to see Scott go home, he absolutely sucked and was by far the worst performance of the week. I don't think I understand why people like Danny so much, he is not entertaining to me. I like Adam because he is different. He chooses songs and arrangements that you wouldn't expect to hear on Idol. Although he does seem to try every song he sings into some baby making music which is a little weird.

Marissa said...

Adam. Mad World. Simply amazing. Enough said.