Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Me On A Trip, I'd Like To Go Somewhere

Okay, Okay, we get it - WE SUCK at keeping this thing updated. I have super busy lately, but I will definitely be making an effort to write more. Lex and I recently took a trip with some friends to sunny Florida to visit our married couple friends that live there. During such time I celebrated by 25th birthday...which was scary. This is how they roll:

And last weekend was the St. Patrick's Day parade here in Pittsburgh, which bills itself as the second largest in the country (I don't really have any opinion on the accuracy of that statement). My roommates and I hosted a Kegs 'n Eggs party, so we had to do a ton of cleaning/buying booze/etc. for that. The good news is... I don't really have any plans in the immediate future - I actually have some time to relax! Well, I will be tanning and looking for jobs and, oh, going to law school half-heartedly... but I will be relaxing as much as I can through all of that!

Hopefully Lex will check in soon, I know that she is really busy as well. I promise I will write a little something on Friday and whatever it is, it will be good!



A.Jaye said...

Your friends roll pimp-stylie.

Here in Manchester England there aren't any parades for St Pddy's day. The boozers are full though.

Blog hard. I'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

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