Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My night at The Circus!

This past Friday (which also happened to be my birthday, cough, cough), I went to see everyone's favorite karate kid, Ms. Britney Spears, live in concert. I'm going to preface this by saying that SPOILERS will be revealed, so if you are going to any of her future shows and want to be surprised, I suggest you stop reading now.

The evening kicked off with a 45-minute set by the Pussycat Dolls, America's low-rent version of the Spice Girls. Honestly, the vast majority of their songs sound the same to me, so I went to the bathroom and got a beer from the concession stand during their portion of the show. The lead Pussycat, Nicole, resorted to saying "Pittsburgh" and "Britney" every time she spoke to get the crowd to cheer. Yawn. I will say that they did end on a high note with singing "When I Grow Up," as their finale, which is pretty much the only song of theirs I like.

After about 45 minutes of stage set up and various circus acts - clowns (not scary ones), acrobats, etc., it was time for the real show to get started. Perez Hilton made a cameo in the opening video as Queen Elizabeth, and then the real queen, Britney herself, descended from the ceiling in a ringmaster ensemble to appropriately kick off the evening with a rendition of "Circus," the title track from her latest album.

From then on, the evening went full-speed ahead with non-stop entertainment for myself and 20,000 of my fellow Britney fans. Yes, Britney was lip-synching a good 99% of time, (the only exception may have been the ballad "Everytime," which was also the only slow song of the evening), but I expected that, and I don't care. With how intense the dancing was, I don't even know if it would be possible for her to really sing. She rarely addressed the enthusiastic crowd, and when she did, it was short and sweet: "What's up, Pittsburgh? Thank you for coming."

There were several costume changes, but the audience was kept entertained in the meantime with different acts of dance, gymnastics, and even a sexy video set to Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams." The set list heavily favored her new songs, but she also sang old staples as well: "Boys," "Toxic," "Me Against the Music," "Do Something" "I'm a Slave 4 U," and, of course, "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Noticeably absent, in my opinion, were "Oops, I Did It Again" and "Crazy," but maybe the latter hit a little too close to home.

It's hard to describe how visually stunning the show actually was. Everywhere you looked, there was something going on. It was like Cirque du Soleil + a professional magic show - featuring Max from Saved by the Bell as the magician! + excellent choreography/dancing, which = an overall fantastic concert.

I really enjoyed myself and would definitely go back again if Britney and her Circus ever roll into town again. With all of the craziness that seems to surround her, who knows if that will ever happen, but I'm glad I got to experience this show when I had the chance. It was a great birthday present to myself!



Dave said...

There was another famous pop star who seemed to have a mental breakdown and want everything around them to be a circus... he bought a pet monkey and turned his "ranch" into an amusement park... then he allegedly molested some kids... he got some plastic surgery... and now nobody seems to like him anymore... I think if Britney wants to make this comeback for real she needs to start with the man in the mirror

Alicia said...

First off, Dave's comment...HAHA!

Second off, still crazy jealous you got to see Britney. I think I hate you.

Baby Mama Brookie said...

i was there also for my bday! mine was the 29th but anyways, it was such a great performance. i didnt care about the lip synching either really but i was hoping she would address the audience a little more than she did. i was actually really entertained by the PCD. i didnt care too much for them before the show but i thought they were good. very energetic and enthusiastic...good opener for brit. :)

A.Jaye said...

Happy birthday Lex - belated I know.

Depeche Mode are at madison Square Gardens early August.

I know. It's not your birthday...

Marissa said...

What a HUGE disappointment. She sucked-even when she tried to dance. I knew she wasn't going to sing live, so I thought, at least she will dance. HA!!!! What a silly idea for me to think that. It was awful. What a shame. And what the heck was up with the sexual/orgy part of the show?? Strange....
On a brighter note, the PCD surprised the s**t out of me. That lead singer blew me away. She can actually sing live.