Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Robbie Williams.... (No, Not Mrs. Doubtfire!)

Dear Robbie Williams,

I just realized that I've never even mentioned my undying love for you on Sooperserial, aka the world's second greatest blog. It makes me really sad when 99% of the people I talk to about you don't even know who you are, or, even worse, think that I have a huge crush on ROBIN Williams. I know that you're not even remotely popular in the United States, despite the fact that you're the #1 selling artist of all-time in the UK, and you're in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the fastest-selling concert tour ever. However, I pride myself on being one of the few Americans smart enough to recognize your incredible talent, charisma, sense of humor, and, of course, HOTNESS.

Even though you may only be playing for an audience of about 25 people, please consider doing at least one concert in the United States somewhere before you get too old and decide to retire and move back to your hometown of Stoke on Trent. I am willing to travel anywhere within the US, or even Canada, to achieve my #1 life dream of seeing you in concert. In fact, in 2006 I even strongly considered spending $1,000 that I don't even have to attend a concert of yours in Mexico City before I read a bunch of stuff online saying how fair haired/skinned females should never travel alone in Mexico City if they value their lives.

I know you are busy chasing aliens, cross-dressing (relax, folks - it was for a video), and dealing with your bipolar disorder, but as an American who fell in love with you in 1999 and has managed to stick around this long (Yes, I even own Rudebox, which everyone hated but me), I think you owe it to me to perform in the States. I'm not above begging! Call me!


PS - I wanted to end this post with my favorite Robbie song/video, but then I got extremely overwhelmed on YouTube trying to choose JUST one, so I picked at random. Please enjoy "Radio."


A.Jaye said...

When Take That first burst the scene they marketed themselves as being from Manchester - because most of them are. Then the boy band bubble burst and along came Oasis - True Mancs (ie Irish).

Robbie Williams the best selling UK artist ever? I blame the Latvians.

Alicia said...

If Mr. Williams ever comes Stateside, I'll totally go to a concert with you because he's stupid hot. He should be a super star here but no, instead we have those Jonas Brother twats. This is why other countries hate America.

marika said...

I live in Italy and I manage a blog about him, take a look if you want... :

Here in Europe he is very loved and I'm happy to hear that someone in US recognize his incredible talent.
So I translate your post in italian and put it in my site.

Now he is back living in UK with his US girlfriend and he has just done a sketch for charity in Comic Relief...very funny... :

He will release a new album this year and maybe next year a concert. If you will come in Europe to see him we'll help you to stay here as our guest.
Two years ago I came with my family in L.A. to see him playing football with his team in Santa Monica and before I saw Robbie on stage in Italy in 2006 during Close Encounters tour. He is the best entertainer in the'll be a shame to miss him live !!!

hugs from italy xxx

Lex said...

Alicia - I'm going to hold you to that. I have a feeling if he does ever do a random show, it will be like in LA or NYC. So get your credit card ready, and be prepared for me to cry like a little bitch.

Marika - I'm amazed that you even found our little blog! I'm not even joking that it's my #1 dream to see him live in concert. I've seen lots of videos and I have the Close Encounters DVD, but it's just not the same. Thank you so much for posting my blog on yours!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lex
i'm an italian ROBBIE WILLIAMS fan of Italy
Friend of Marika too-she is an amazing woman..

Ah,my name is Ilenia,but everyone know me as EXTEEL
When Robbie had the concert in Mexico i was planned to go..but i was alone...i went alone to watch the concert in Milano and one in London..and i had a really bad experience being alone in the night nearby the arena....

anyways for the high price too i give up and i did not go to mexico..

Here we are all waiting for his big and fantastic return on the music world
and this mean we all can't wait anymore for see him again on the stage...
we have hope that next year we can go enjoy him live on stage!!!

I know is not cheap the fly ticket for Italy or Europe but...
start to check it out 'cause if you wanna enjoy us-we are crazy enough-when there will be concert just contact or marika or whatever you feel like..

..LET ROB be your Energy...
-- love only love set you free ---

big hugssss


Lex said...

Ilenia - I know if I don't ever see him live, I will regret it forever. I am so jealous of the times you've been to see him! I can only imagine how amazing it was. Thanks for commenting!

Junior said...

Lex, you are so not the only one! And I love "Rudebox" ("Bongo Bong" is like my favorite song ever!) and love Robbie and if he came stateside, I would so see it (especially since it shouldn't be that expensive).

Plus, I have backstage dreams. Dreams that I cannot discuss on a forum such as this...

Lex said...

Junior, I'm glad to hear you're game for the concert. And I'm EXTRA glad to hear that you like Rudebox - It's still in my car CD player 24/7. I love "She's Madonna" and "The 90s."

Oh, and trust me - I know ALL about those inappropriate backstage dreams! But who am I kidding? If I ever did see him in concert, I would probably get myself so worked up that I would pass out like people did at Michael Jackson concerts back in the day, and I would end up missing the entire show!

Lauren said...

I'm confused - is this the guy in "Patch Adams" or the one that covered that Jessica Simpson "Angels" song?

Dave said...

I loved him in Hook. BANGARANG!!

Rui said...

Hi Lex
i completely understand what you feel...sometimes "ridicoulus" for the obsession (in a good mode i swear :p)that i have for rob..The fact that an incredible artist,showman,enteratiner,songwriter like rob haven't in USA the same success that have in the rest of world for me it will remain an obscure mistery :D...
I've had the lucky to see him to times in my life,always in milan (2003-2006),both amazing shows..
One year ago i've visited Stoke-on Trent...very lovely place :)..

I hope that you'll realize your dream...
and..Compliments for your choice..
Radio is my favourite song of all time....
if you want to chat about sometimes you want about can contact me at 10rui1984[at] will be a pleasure for me...

Have a nice time
(p.s:sorry for my terrible english but i'm italian...i'll try to improve it :D)

Rui said...

i have forget "feel"..i feel ridicoulus :D

Marissa said...

I have LOVED Robbie Williams since I was in high school (which, has been many many years ago) and still love him to this day. He is AWESOME!! Not sure if you were aware or not, but he actually DID tour in the United States a few years back. He performed in Pgh at the AJ Palumbo Center- and it was a pretty decent crowd. I also believe that the tickets were around $40 or so.
My girlfriend and I had third row seats. We could actually see the snots up in his nose. It was a glorious night. He came out on stage and made fun of Pittsburgh, was rude, conceited, sexy and EXACTLY what I expected and wanted from him. Mr. Williams did not disappoint. The entire concert was just him and his band. No flashy lights or gimmicks. Just Robbie and his mic. He sounded amazing and he looked amazing. He really rocked the stage. He's a truly talented artist.
I have been to hundreds of concerts (I used to be a stage hand) and to this day, the Robbie Williams concert is THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Period. And, if you ever do come up with that extra $1,000, seeing Robbie Williams live is worth EVERY penny....:-)

Anonymous said...


You've got it all WRONG. Jessica Simpson covered Robbie Williams version- and did it horribly. She butchered his amazing song. What a shame.
And, its ROBBIE Williams, not ROBIN Williams. Get it right.

Anonymous said...

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