Friday, February 6, 2009

Hollywood Week

Here is the amazing Andrea's recap of American Idol's Hollywood week. Personally, my favorite Hollywood is Hollywood Montrose from the Mannequin movies because I'm a jackass.


Hollywood, here we come!

OK, so I could not wait till Hollywood week started. They made it look so good on their promos like there was going to be all this drama and great stuff happening. Well, there was definitely drama, but I am not so sure if there was a lot of great singing going on.

The one big complaint I have about Idol is that they aren’t showing many of the contestants singing. This is why I am unable to tell you if there was actually good singing going on during Hollywood week. There are a few contestants that we have seen and heard throughout the Hollywood episodes, but I found myself saying “Who is that?!” to almost every contestant I saw. Like that blonde chick that kept saying she was tired and basically screwed that girl over in her group. I didn’t remember seeing her audition. And I feel like the groups that they showed were most of the people that already had the camera time. I feel they should try to show as many people singing during Hollywood week as possible. I mean this is a singing competition, right? They should probably start showcasing some of the vocal talents of these contestants.

Another thing that bothers me about Hollywood week is the fact that they do this whole group night. I don’t understand the point behind it. The contestants do not get judged on the show for singing in groups, so why put them through that torture? Don’t get me wrong - it definitely adds drama and a little bit of excitement to the show, but is it really necessary to put these contestants through such torture? I feel like this week ruins it for some of those contestants that have the potential to go far on Idol. If the contestants don’t get along with their group, then it all falls apart for them. Sometimes I wonder if this is fair. Basically, when you are in a group, you are placing your dreams in those other group members’ hands. It ends up just crushing the chances of contestants that really could do well in this competition. I think Idol could do without this round.

Anyway, to wrap things up - I will say that Hollywood week was not as exciting as I expected it to be but it was better (and more entertaining!) than the previous weeks. Now I am excited to see who they pick to bring back for the Wild Card show. I heard rumors they are bringing this round back and that would be great if they do! Thanks for reading and remember, leave your comments and opinions on the show so I can read them too. Also, if there is anything you want me to write about or give my opinion about just let me know in a comment. I also want to apologize for not writing a recap for the Thursday night show. I started to write it and was going to post it over the weekend, but I became preoccupied with the Steelers Superbowl Victory and I forgot who I actually liked at the auditions (sorry guys), but I will list below the contestants that continued to surprise me during the Hollywood round. Keep reading guys and thank you!

I love, love, love, love, LOVE that Danny guy, the one who lost his wife. Every time he opens his mouth it’s amazing!!! Loved when he sang "Kiss from a Rose!" It was just magical! (I know, I’m a dork.)

Anup is just awesome! He reminds me of Clay Aiken because when you look at him he doesn’t look like he would have a great voice but then he sings and it’s pure and perfect. If this guy is cut, I will be upset.

I am very, very, very, very upset that Rose got the boot. I thought she was one of those naturally talented girls and her voice was different and simple yet great. I’m sad and I hope she comes back next year or maybe in the wild card round? (I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

Miss “I was in heels all night and my back hurt, bikini girl” got the boot thank God!! She was awful and I sure hope they don’t bring her around for the wild card round. She is annoying.

I am interested to see how “Norman Gentle” (Nick is his real name I believe) sings normally and without the entire gimmick. I want him to stay on the show but fear that if he doesn’t give up the act he won’t stay around long.

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