Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol: DIS-qualified!

Here is Andrea's recap for this week. Someone was kicked off the show for previously having a record deal. It's about time!


Judgment Day!

Hello loyal readers. I have to report that I missed the Tuesday night show (for good reasoning) but am happy I didn’t miss Wednesday nights show. It is the revealing of the top 36 and if I’m being honest, I am surprised at some of these picks the judges have made.

First let’s talk about the changes they have made. Was it really necessary for them to be at a castle? Totally random and makes me think they are taking elements from The X Factor and trying them out on Idol (X-Factor is the British American Idol, buts it’s a little different in format). OK, so I thought the castle was totally irrelevant.

I also thought it was horrible that they made some of the contestants they were unsure about perform in sing offs. I was mortified that they would actually do that to these contestants. I literally cried while watching the first “sing off” and thought, "Wow, if I were in that situation I would probably puke." Think about how bittersweet that would be if they let you go through, but someone that you just became close friends with and someone that you knew was just as passionate about singing as you were, didn’t make it. How tough would that be? I would just be terrified and incredibly hurt going through that process. It seriously makes me re-consider trying out for this show again. Knowing my luck I would very likely be in one of those “sing-offs."

Another thing that pushed my buttons was some of the people they let through against some of the people they let go. First off, let me remind Simon Cowell that he says “if you forget the lyrics you are out,” because I think the judges seemed to forget this when they let Taylor, Joanna and some others through. I feel the judges should really stick by their word because they let good people go, like Jamar and Felicia, who remembered the lyrics and actually can sing. And instead they are giving this Joanna girl (who already had a record deal in 2007!) another shot when she blew the lyrics. It really, really REALLY ticks me off. It's OK, Joanna will more than likely blow this shot at fame just like the two or three shots she had before Idol.

That is all I have to complain about for now. I think this season will be one of those seasons where I will love to hate it, because so far I have been pretty upset with some of the decisions made on this show. Below you will find a list of the top 36 with some additional comments of my own. Thank for reading, enjoy and please remember to leave comments!! Talk to you guys next week!!

Sing-Off #1
Anup—Yes, I LOVE him!
Von Smith—He is not one of my favorites, and I don’t think he will do well
Alex—He was in the first sing-off I believe, but I can’t seem to remember it. Sorry, guys!
Adam Lambert
Taylor V—She forgot the lyrics but is somehow still here?
Mischa—I don’t remember this girl
Joanna—She also forgot her lyrics and is somehow still here?
Kendall Beard

Sing-off # 2 (Sorry, guys. I forget who the first one was.)
Jen Korbe—They should have picked her. Kristen screwed over that girl in the group round and I hated her ever since.
Kristen—I really can’t stand this girl.
Alexis Grace—LOVE her!
Scott M
Lil rounds
Felicia—I’m upset about this one, because they didn’t show much of her but I actually liked her .

Sing-off # 3
Frankie—I’m shocked because she was a judge favorite.
Jessie—I am actually glad they put her through. She has the better voice!
Danny—Part of the best friends package - I really like him!
Jamar—Danny’s other half - I can’t believe they didn’t pick him! He was great, and I am disappointed in Idol for this elimination.
Tatiana—She is super annoying. I can’t believe they let her through.

Sing-off # 4 (I don’t remember much about this one, and am actually confused if it even was a sing-off.)
Ann Marie—I LOVE her!

Sing-off # 5 (Why would they put them through that only to let them both through?)
IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm Super Geeked about this! Breaking news from Perez Hilton! Joanna Pacitti has been disqualified from American Idol due to her record-dealing past. Thank God American Idol realized this mistake and fixed it by replacing Joanna with my early favorite, Felicia Barton. I LOOOVVVEE Felicia and hope she does extremely well in the competition. YAY! Thank you, Idol for realizing how unfair it was that Joanna was on this show!

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Lauren said...

I only watched some of it on Wednesday because it was too long and LOST was on at 9.
I thought the sing offs were lame. And I thought it was even lamer that the second singer had at least some more time to prepare and knew what he/she was in for. The first person is pretty much blindsided which is pretty upsetting.
I don't know who my favorite is at this point. Maybe I'll come up with one when they get to the later stages with less people.

Thanks for writing these!