Saturday, February 21, 2009

Red Envelope Day

So, I am 0% ashamed of my pro-choice beliefs. Duh.

I am, however, 100% in favor of people having their own opinions, even if they're different than mine. But sometimes, I get a rage black-out regarding these differing opinions. Which brings me to: Red Envelope Day.

The basic premise is that people are supposed to buy/make red envelopes, write on the back that the envelope represents one child that died from an abortion, then send it to Mr. Obama in the hopes that he will not give people more choices regarding abortion.

I have many problems with this. Many of the people that are participating in this have no problem with our the many soldiers (who typically come from a low socio-economic class) going to another country to do idk and die. I am not okay with this... why do people who use religion as a justification forget that, according to their own god, the worth of a baby's life should be equal to a soldier's life or a rapist's life, etc.? I seriously can't deal with the hypocrisy.

In my ideal world, birth control would be free and easily accessible. If that can't happen, then I would absolutely want people to be able to make their own choice as to whether they can handle the task of parenting a child. I think if people think they can't do it, then they probably can't. If a person doesn't want to bring a child into this world, no one should be making them.

And instead of focusing on children that aren't even born, why can't these people just focus all their misguided energy on helping children that are already born and suffering? I just don't get it.

Clearly, not everyone is meant to be a parent:

This is the only red envelope day that people should be concerned with, in my opinion:


Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wear a Snuggie, BITCH!

I seriously do own a Snuggie (Royal Blue represent) and I'm not ashamed of that at all. Please enjoy this Snuggie-inspired hardcore gangsta rap video, courtesy of my favorite local morning radio show. I could watch this on repeat pretty much all day. It has a lot of profanity, so it's definitely NSFW.


AI: The Competition Begins, Group 1

I first want to say that I feel like Idol is working backwards here. Remember during Season 1 when they split the contestants up into groups of 12 and had them sing it out for the top 12? This is exactly what they are doing now and to be quite honest, I am upset they are changing it.

I don’t believe it’s fair; it does not give them the best of the top 36. Instead it gives them the best of each group of 12. It’s not fair to the contestants, and I feel that contestants that should go through are going to lose their chance now. I really wish they wouldn’t choose the top 12 this way, but I don’t work for Idol so I don’t have a say in how they run things. (Although I really wish I did work for them!)
Anyway, last night was a disaster for the first group of top 12 contestants. From the terrible song choices to the awful outfits, I was worried that Season 8 was going to be a big let down. However, some contestants did stand out and hopefully it won’t be hard for America to pick their top three from this group. Below I have listed a recap of what I thought of each contestant's performance, and then I have listed my picks for the top three to move on to the next round. Enjoy, and remember to leave comments as often as you like!

First up, Jackie Tohn sang A Little Less Satisfaction—Wow, what a disaster, from the outfit to the song choice and to the singing, she was just a mess tonight. It’s a shame, too, because she has definitely got the look to make it (provided she has a better stylist), but she blew it tonight.

Next, Ricky Braddy sang A song for you—Where did he come from? I don’t remember him from the earlier rounds. He performed really nice tonight, although I do agree with Simon that he seems like a shy nice guy and that may work against him, but I think he has a great voice.

Alexis Grace sang Never Loved A Man—She has been an early favorite of mine, and tonight she sounded good, as usual. I am not sure I agree with her new look as much as the judges do. I think she can look sweeter and still show off that great voice. The song choice was a little boring, but she did more than enough to make it through. The other contestants were not as good as her tonight. (Editor's note: Anyone with the name Alexis is automatically awesome!)

Brent Smith sang Hicktown—And yet another disaster. Brent not only looked nervous as hell but he also didn’t really choose a song that was good for him. I understand he is trying to pick songs that people haven’t sang on this show before, but that was pretty out of the ordinary and not many non-country fans are going to know that song. I don’t think its going to work out for him this time.

Stevie Wright sang You Belong with Me—I never liked this girl and I just want to throw that out there for everyone. I hated her audition and I still hate her voice now (I’m so harsh sometimes). This was probably the worst song choice in the history of American Idol. Seriously, it was that bad. Why wouldn’t the vocal people tell her this song was not only stupid but completely out of her range (It was way too low for her). Contestants should never change who they believe they are as an artist to please the judges or anyone else. I think that is what happened with Stevie tonight.

Anoop Desai sang Angel of MineAnoop is another one of my early favorites, and I liked him again tonight. He is one of those guys that makes it seem so easy and effortless to sing. He has a great tone and quality to his voice and I truly hope he goes far in this competition. I disagree with Simon saying the song seemed too grown up for him, I actually thought it was a wise song choice and I think it will put him through to the next round.

Casey Carlson sang Every Little Think She Does is Magic—She looks cute and she definitely has that star quality look to her but then she started singing and making really, really funny faces. I literally had to look away from my television because her faces were bothering me so much. Like Simon said, she just threw it away.

Michael Sarver sang I Don’t Wanna Be—Yet another one of my early favorites, but I don’t think he did enough to make it through to the next round. I am actually really surprised that he picked this song and that he didn’t do as well as I thought he would do. He was better than the other contestants, but he has more in him. I am curious to see how things turn out for him.

Ann Marie sang Natural Woman—I am not really sure about this one. I remember liking her a lot during the Audition rounds and then not really hearing from her during Hollywood week, but tonight was just all right for me. I think she picked a huge song and didn’t really do anything huge with the song. She has more of a calm, easy listening voice and this was not a right song choice for her. I hope some of these contestants have a chance to redeem themselves.

Steven Fowler sang Rock With You—What a disaster. I am also going to put it out there and say I never liked this guy from the beginning either. He is just a waste and in my opinion they should have picked Danny’s best friend over this guy. He stinks! Haha but then again this is all just my opinion. I wish him the best of luck in his future musical endeavors.

Tatiana sang Saving all my Love—OK, what happened to the annoying Tatiana girl we all saw during Hollywood week? This is strange. I actually always thought she had a decent voice but that she was annoying as hell. Tonight she sounded all right, I don’t think it will be enough to get her through. I miss the annoying part of her. She seriously was the most talked about contestant and then she went and changed her personality on us. Weird, weird night.

Danny Gokey sang Hero—AMAZING! They sure did save the best for last (I think sometimes Idol plans for that to happen) Thank God for Danny because seriously for a minute there I was worried this Season was going to suck. Danny will definitely move on and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Moving on.......
Top Guy: Danny Gokey
Top Female: Alexis Grace
Third Top Contestant: It’s between Anoop and Michael



Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol: DIS-qualified!

Here is Andrea's recap for this week. Someone was kicked off the show for previously having a record deal. It's about time!


Judgment Day!

Hello loyal readers. I have to report that I missed the Tuesday night show (for good reasoning) but am happy I didn’t miss Wednesday nights show. It is the revealing of the top 36 and if I’m being honest, I am surprised at some of these picks the judges have made.

First let’s talk about the changes they have made. Was it really necessary for them to be at a castle? Totally random and makes me think they are taking elements from The X Factor and trying them out on Idol (X-Factor is the British American Idol, buts it’s a little different in format). OK, so I thought the castle was totally irrelevant.

I also thought it was horrible that they made some of the contestants they were unsure about perform in sing offs. I was mortified that they would actually do that to these contestants. I literally cried while watching the first “sing off” and thought, "Wow, if I were in that situation I would probably puke." Think about how bittersweet that would be if they let you go through, but someone that you just became close friends with and someone that you knew was just as passionate about singing as you were, didn’t make it. How tough would that be? I would just be terrified and incredibly hurt going through that process. It seriously makes me re-consider trying out for this show again. Knowing my luck I would very likely be in one of those “sing-offs."

Another thing that pushed my buttons was some of the people they let through against some of the people they let go. First off, let me remind Simon Cowell that he says “if you forget the lyrics you are out,” because I think the judges seemed to forget this when they let Taylor, Joanna and some others through. I feel the judges should really stick by their word because they let good people go, like Jamar and Felicia, who remembered the lyrics and actually can sing. And instead they are giving this Joanna girl (who already had a record deal in 2007!) another shot when she blew the lyrics. It really, really REALLY ticks me off. It's OK, Joanna will more than likely blow this shot at fame just like the two or three shots she had before Idol.

That is all I have to complain about for now. I think this season will be one of those seasons where I will love to hate it, because so far I have been pretty upset with some of the decisions made on this show. Below you will find a list of the top 36 with some additional comments of my own. Thank for reading, enjoy and please remember to leave comments!! Talk to you guys next week!!

Sing-Off #1
Anup—Yes, I LOVE him!
Von Smith—He is not one of my favorites, and I don’t think he will do well
Alex—He was in the first sing-off I believe, but I can’t seem to remember it. Sorry, guys!
Adam Lambert
Taylor V—She forgot the lyrics but is somehow still here?
Mischa—I don’t remember this girl
Joanna—She also forgot her lyrics and is somehow still here?
Kendall Beard

Sing-off # 2 (Sorry, guys. I forget who the first one was.)
Jen Korbe—They should have picked her. Kristen screwed over that girl in the group round and I hated her ever since.
Kristen—I really can’t stand this girl.
Alexis Grace—LOVE her!
Scott M
Lil rounds
Felicia—I’m upset about this one, because they didn’t show much of her but I actually liked her .

Sing-off # 3
Frankie—I’m shocked because she was a judge favorite.
Jessie—I am actually glad they put her through. She has the better voice!
Danny—Part of the best friends package - I really like him!
Jamar—Danny’s other half - I can’t believe they didn’t pick him! He was great, and I am disappointed in Idol for this elimination.
Tatiana—She is super annoying. I can’t believe they let her through.

Sing-off # 4 (I don’t remember much about this one, and am actually confused if it even was a sing-off.)
Ann Marie—I LOVE her!

Sing-off # 5 (Why would they put them through that only to let them both through?)
IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm Super Geeked about this! Breaking news from Perez Hilton! Joanna Pacitti has been disqualified from American Idol due to her record-dealing past. Thank God American Idol realized this mistake and fixed it by replacing Joanna with my early favorite, Felicia Barton. I LOOOVVVEE Felicia and hope she does extremely well in the competition. YAY! Thank you, Idol for realizing how unfair it was that Joanna was on this show!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hollywood Week

Here is the amazing Andrea's recap of American Idol's Hollywood week. Personally, my favorite Hollywood is Hollywood Montrose from the Mannequin movies because I'm a jackass.


Hollywood, here we come!

OK, so I could not wait till Hollywood week started. They made it look so good on their promos like there was going to be all this drama and great stuff happening. Well, there was definitely drama, but I am not so sure if there was a lot of great singing going on.

The one big complaint I have about Idol is that they aren’t showing many of the contestants singing. This is why I am unable to tell you if there was actually good singing going on during Hollywood week. There are a few contestants that we have seen and heard throughout the Hollywood episodes, but I found myself saying “Who is that?!” to almost every contestant I saw. Like that blonde chick that kept saying she was tired and basically screwed that girl over in her group. I didn’t remember seeing her audition. And I feel like the groups that they showed were most of the people that already had the camera time. I feel they should try to show as many people singing during Hollywood week as possible. I mean this is a singing competition, right? They should probably start showcasing some of the vocal talents of these contestants.

Another thing that bothers me about Hollywood week is the fact that they do this whole group night. I don’t understand the point behind it. The contestants do not get judged on the show for singing in groups, so why put them through that torture? Don’t get me wrong - it definitely adds drama and a little bit of excitement to the show, but is it really necessary to put these contestants through such torture? I feel like this week ruins it for some of those contestants that have the potential to go far on Idol. If the contestants don’t get along with their group, then it all falls apart for them. Sometimes I wonder if this is fair. Basically, when you are in a group, you are placing your dreams in those other group members’ hands. It ends up just crushing the chances of contestants that really could do well in this competition. I think Idol could do without this round.

Anyway, to wrap things up - I will say that Hollywood week was not as exciting as I expected it to be but it was better (and more entertaining!) than the previous weeks. Now I am excited to see who they pick to bring back for the Wild Card show. I heard rumors they are bringing this round back and that would be great if they do! Thanks for reading and remember, leave your comments and opinions on the show so I can read them too. Also, if there is anything you want me to write about or give my opinion about just let me know in a comment. I also want to apologize for not writing a recap for the Thursday night show. I started to write it and was going to post it over the weekend, but I became preoccupied with the Steelers Superbowl Victory and I forgot who I actually liked at the auditions (sorry guys), but I will list below the contestants that continued to surprise me during the Hollywood round. Keep reading guys and thank you!

I love, love, love, love, LOVE that Danny guy, the one who lost his wife. Every time he opens his mouth it’s amazing!!! Loved when he sang "Kiss from a Rose!" It was just magical! (I know, I’m a dork.)

Anup is just awesome! He reminds me of Clay Aiken because when you look at him he doesn’t look like he would have a great voice but then he sings and it’s pure and perfect. If this guy is cut, I will be upset.

I am very, very, very, very upset that Rose got the boot. I thought she was one of those naturally talented girls and her voice was different and simple yet great. I’m sad and I hope she comes back next year or maybe in the wild card round? (I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

Miss “I was in heels all night and my back hurt, bikini girl” got the boot thank God!! She was awful and I sure hope they don’t bring her around for the wild card round. She is annoying.

I am interested to see how “Norman Gentle” (Nick is his real name I believe) sings normally and without the entire gimmick. I want him to stay on the show but fear that if he doesn’t give up the act he won’t stay around long.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sooperbowl Sunday

Just writing to y'all from the Blackberry to say that we here at Sooperserial are excited to be cheering for the Steelers today! Win or lose (hopefully win), we LOVE them!
As I get ready to drink some beer with my closest friends and watch the 'lers kick some ass, I leave you with a paraphrased quote from one of the many articles I've read over the past two weeks. "Pittsburgh may not be your particularly smart, funny, or pretty friend...but when the shit hits the fan, you know Pittsburgh isn't going to cut and run."

Here's to our city and our team!!!