Friday, January 16, 2009

Hott Author Check-In

Hi friends, have you missed me? I have missed you all! My computer is still down, but I'm back at school with full access to a computer lab, so I should be writing semi-regularly again. I have a few ideas for some upcoming posts, but I am pretty distracted with a new t.v. obsession. I am in love with "Veronica Mars." The f'n show isn't even on t.v. anymore, but I watched a few old episodes on On Demand and was hooked. I made it through the whole first season and now I'm on numero dos, so it's pretty time consuming. Did any of you watch this show? I always knew it was on but thought it was about aliens since "Mars" is in the title...and while I do enjoy aliens, I just never felt compelled to watch. Anyway, after I'm done with Season 2, I will have less Veronica on my mind and more other pointless drivel to expound upon.


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