Friday, January 30, 2009

American Idol Week 3

Hey Readers,

Here's another AI recap from Andrea - thanks so much for writing these. I've watched some of the auditions so far and have honestly been very surprised by the people they are letting through to the Hollywood round... there are only a few that have been super duper good. Anyway, here's the recap!


Wake me up when Hollywood week starts!

Hello my loyal readers. Can I just say I love writing these recaps! I don’t care if only one person reads them, they are fun for me to write. Anyways I was going to write just one recap for this week but then on Wednesday night I realized the show was on for three nights this week. So I will be writing this one for Tuesday and Wednesday and give you a short recap of Thursday’s show later. I seriously just want them to start Hollywood week already. Is it me or were this seasons auditions the most boring ones yet? I mean first they cut them down to one hour shows, which upset me, and then the people they show are all boring. I sure hope this boredom doesn’t roll over into Hollywood week. I am too hyped up for Hollywood week to be disappointed. Anyways, so far this week Salt Lake City showed us some great talent, Simon and Kara feed sat next to each other and feed off each others honestly and America witnessed too much of Kara’s cleavage. Seriously, put those girls away Kara!! But overall I don’t have much to say about Tuesday and Wednesday night so below you will find the contestants that I liked and read my brief comments on them. Sorry there isn’t much to say this week, I’m just super geeked for Hollywood week to start!! Trust me there will be longer recaps in your future! Thanks for reading guys. Also don’t forget to let me know how you feel about the show. Leave your comments, I read enjoy reading them!

Jacksonville Florida
Julissa—AMAZING!! This was the pageant girl. I just thought her voice was amazing. I hope she does well.
Jasmine—She is the 16 year old that sang that Fergie song. I have no idea why she sang that song but she is cute!
Ann Marie—I LOVE her!! I have no idea why they asked her to leave and come back because I loved her from the moment she started singing. I will vote for her and hope she goes far.
TK—He sang Imagine and he was great, I am wondering why they didn’t take him last season?
Michael—ok this is the dude that cried because he couldn’t play his guitar during his audition. I mean that says it all right there. He is not ready for a show like Idol. He is young he has time to come back and audition again.

Salt Lake City
Frankie Jordan—She looked so cute, I loved her outfit and her style! Sounds exactly like Amy winehouse. She was good!
Megan—single mother, just got divorced her voice was different and I liked it a lot! She has a great natural talent.
Austin—student council president who had some odd song choices. He was very talented but I fear he will be eaten alive in Hollywood.
Taylor—she is a very talented young girl, I can’t wait to hear from her in Hollywood.
Rose—Dad died when she was 13 and mom died when she was 15. She’s different and I think she will be one to watch for in Hollywood.

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