Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol: Week 2 (Part 2)

Idol Check in, Louisville Auditions

Hey guys, it's Andrea giving you the AI recaps that you all love so much. Tonight it’s going to be short and sweet, well most of it will be sweet. Since the show was only an hour this week and the fact that it bored me to death, I don’t really have much to say about it. Once again, I hated what Kara was wearing. Sorry, I tend to judge people by what they wear; it’s a problem I am trying to correct. At any rate I like the bickering that is happening between Simon and Kara, it's different and spices Idol up a little. Since Kara actually makes sense when she speaks, it’s better than Simon arguing with Paula, who never makes sense.

One thing that I find strange about this season are all the positive things coming from Simon’s month. He doesn’t usually turn people away as nicely as he has been this season. For example he politely told Aaron Williamson that he should look for a job that involved screaming. Its like Simon is still giving the rude remarks but not taking them as far as he has in the past. I haven’t decided if I like the new Simon yet or not. Thoughts??

Of course the whole issue of finding the UNDISCOVERED voices of America came up again tonight when Joanna Pacini auditioned. Kara starts her audition by stating that she knew her and that Joanna was previously signed to a major record label. This ticks me off a bit. I mean the girl is pretty and can sing but is this really fair? I’m interested in what you readers think. Leave me comments on your thoughts surrounding these re-discovered talents. P.S. Joanna released a song that was featured in the movie Legally Blonde, (Watch Me Shine is the title) pretty undiscovered right?

Any who, in my closing fashion here, is a list of the people I liked tonight. It's rather short this time and I am happy to share with you that I found three people I would actually vote for and they are: Alexis Grace, LaNeshe Young and Felicia. Read below for more on my thoughts.

Louisville Auditions:

Joanna Pacini—She is really pretty and sounds great but what is up with these people who already had record deals??

Brent Keith—He sounded good and is one I look forward to hearing more of in Hollywood.

Matt—He was GOOD, I liked him a lot. He is another one I can’t wait to hear more of!

Alexis Grace—Much love for the stay at home mom, she was AWESOME!! She is my favorite female so far and will rock in Hollywood!!

Rebecca Garcia—haha I loved her because she reminds me of the very drunk karaoke singer that thinks she sounds amazing…she was entertaining to watch.

Felicia—If you blinked, then you probably missed her but I LOVED her!! She sang girl put your records on and it was only a brief clip but OMG I loved it and wanted to see more. She is one I will look for in Hollywood

LaNeshe Young—very, VERY talented. I like her! This is one of the other ones that I will be supporting!!

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Davey Boy said...

I have only had a chance to sit and watch the Louisville episode so far... I am hoping to have time to sit and watch the rest on my DVR, I don't think it is right that some of these people are being sent on to Hollywood for American Idol. I think if you have ever had any kind of recording deal you should be exempt. I do kinda like the theater people being allowed in because this is sort of different for them, although they are pro singers/performers I feel it is different enough to let them in, but pro singer's who have had some sort of deal should not be The American Idol.