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American Idol Week 3

Hey Readers,

Here's another AI recap from Andrea - thanks so much for writing these. I've watched some of the auditions so far and have honestly been very surprised by the people they are letting through to the Hollywood round... there are only a few that have been super duper good. Anyway, here's the recap!


Wake me up when Hollywood week starts!

Hello my loyal readers. Can I just say I love writing these recaps! I don’t care if only one person reads them, they are fun for me to write. Anyways I was going to write just one recap for this week but then on Wednesday night I realized the show was on for three nights this week. So I will be writing this one for Tuesday and Wednesday and give you a short recap of Thursday’s show later. I seriously just want them to start Hollywood week already. Is it me or were this seasons auditions the most boring ones yet? I mean first they cut them down to one hour shows, which upset me, and then the people they show are all boring. I sure hope this boredom doesn’t roll over into Hollywood week. I am too hyped up for Hollywood week to be disappointed. Anyways, so far this week Salt Lake City showed us some great talent, Simon and Kara feed sat next to each other and feed off each others honestly and America witnessed too much of Kara’s cleavage. Seriously, put those girls away Kara!! But overall I don’t have much to say about Tuesday and Wednesday night so below you will find the contestants that I liked and read my brief comments on them. Sorry there isn’t much to say this week, I’m just super geeked for Hollywood week to start!! Trust me there will be longer recaps in your future! Thanks for reading guys. Also don’t forget to let me know how you feel about the show. Leave your comments, I read enjoy reading them!

Jacksonville Florida
Julissa—AMAZING!! This was the pageant girl. I just thought her voice was amazing. I hope she does well.
Jasmine—She is the 16 year old that sang that Fergie song. I have no idea why she sang that song but she is cute!
Ann Marie—I LOVE her!! I have no idea why they asked her to leave and come back because I loved her from the moment she started singing. I will vote for her and hope she goes far.
TK—He sang Imagine and he was great, I am wondering why they didn’t take him last season?
Michael—ok this is the dude that cried because he couldn’t play his guitar during his audition. I mean that says it all right there. He is not ready for a show like Idol. He is young he has time to come back and audition again.

Salt Lake City
Frankie Jordan—She looked so cute, I loved her outfit and her style! Sounds exactly like Amy winehouse. She was good!
Megan—single mother, just got divorced her voice was different and I liked it a lot! She has a great natural talent.
Austin—student council president who had some odd song choices. He was very talented but I fear he will be eaten alive in Hollywood.
Taylor—she is a very talented young girl, I can’t wait to hear from her in Hollywood.
Rose—Dad died when she was 13 and mom died when she was 15. She’s different and I think she will be one to watch for in Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There is, perhaps, nothing I like better in this world than free speech. I hate censorship with a passion and love when people are able to speak their minds. However, there is something out there that is raining on my free speech parade and I don't like it.

Sometime over the past year, I read an article about a website called "Juicy Campus." Since I am nearly 25, and no longer young and hip, I hadn't heard of this site, so I investigated it. The site is broken down by school and you can search for your school, and then read the anonymous gossip that people have posted. The site doesn't require even a mere username, so it's really completely anonymous. At the time I looked at it before, only one school from my state was on it and since I didn't go there, it wasn't really interesting to me. Over the past weekend, however, my roommate's friend was in town and telling us how people were trashing her on this website. So, I decided to visit it again, and my school is now on there...great.

I think that this website is a disaster waiting to happen. A bunch of no-ball nerds are sitting behind their computer making up "gossip" about people that are probably better than them. On the site for my school, certain girls are consistently talked about with regard to their sexual activities. Hopefully these girls are able to recognize that the asshats writing on the site are probably just taking a break from Dungeons & Dragons and are not people worthy of any time or attention. In the article I read last year, a girl had to take a semester off from school because the stuff written about her on the site was so damaging.

Again, I love free speech with all my heart, but the existence of this site makes me have conflicting feelings. I think that people should own their opinions, and Juicy Campus promotes a divergence from that. If you're going to say something bad about someone and put it out there for all the world to see, I don't think you should have the luxury of being completely anonymous. There are anonymous blogs and websites out there, of course, which I also don't love. But Juicy Campus's goal is to get people to write scathing things and then not face any consequences. It's lame. It's for pussies.

All of this makes me happy that I wasn't in high school when Facebook and MySpace existed and that I got out of college before Juicy Campus hit. I feel bad for the kids who have to deal with this stuff on a daily basis... and I am truly worried about what is to come next in the technological bullying arena.

Internet Tough Girl (Lauren)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol: Week 2 (Part 2)

Idol Check in, Louisville Auditions

Hey guys, it's Andrea giving you the AI recaps that you all love so much. Tonight it’s going to be short and sweet, well most of it will be sweet. Since the show was only an hour this week and the fact that it bored me to death, I don’t really have much to say about it. Once again, I hated what Kara was wearing. Sorry, I tend to judge people by what they wear; it’s a problem I am trying to correct. At any rate I like the bickering that is happening between Simon and Kara, it's different and spices Idol up a little. Since Kara actually makes sense when she speaks, it’s better than Simon arguing with Paula, who never makes sense.

One thing that I find strange about this season are all the positive things coming from Simon’s month. He doesn’t usually turn people away as nicely as he has been this season. For example he politely told Aaron Williamson that he should look for a job that involved screaming. Its like Simon is still giving the rude remarks but not taking them as far as he has in the past. I haven’t decided if I like the new Simon yet or not. Thoughts??

Of course the whole issue of finding the UNDISCOVERED voices of America came up again tonight when Joanna Pacini auditioned. Kara starts her audition by stating that she knew her and that Joanna was previously signed to a major record label. This ticks me off a bit. I mean the girl is pretty and can sing but is this really fair? I’m interested in what you readers think. Leave me comments on your thoughts surrounding these re-discovered talents. P.S. Joanna released a song that was featured in the movie Legally Blonde, (Watch Me Shine is the title) pretty undiscovered right?

Any who, in my closing fashion here, is a list of the people I liked tonight. It's rather short this time and I am happy to share with you that I found three people I would actually vote for and they are: Alexis Grace, LaNeshe Young and Felicia. Read below for more on my thoughts.

Louisville Auditions:

Joanna Pacini—She is really pretty and sounds great but what is up with these people who already had record deals??

Brent Keith—He sounded good and is one I look forward to hearing more of in Hollywood.

Matt—He was GOOD, I liked him a lot. He is another one I can’t wait to hear more of!

Alexis Grace—Much love for the stay at home mom, she was AWESOME!! She is my favorite female so far and will rock in Hollywood!!

Rebecca Garcia—haha I loved her because she reminds me of the very drunk karaoke singer that thinks she sounds amazing…she was entertaining to watch.

Felicia—If you blinked, then you probably missed her but I LOVED her!! She sang girl put your records on and it was only a brief clip but OMG I loved it and wanted to see more. She is one I will look for in Hollywood

LaNeshe Young—very, VERY talented. I like her! This is one of the other ones that I will be supporting!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol: Week 2 (Part 1)

Hey guys, our friend Andrea will be doing some more recapping for us about American Idol. Here is her take on week 2. Thanks Andrea!



Ok so this week I decided to write two short recaps for you guys and I am doing this partly because I feel last weeks recap was too long and also because I was pretty fired up after tonight’s episode. And I want to remind you that this is all my opinion and you don’t have to agree with any of it whatsoever.

So was it me or was tonight’s idol a little weird? First off, I am a huge fan of the show and I didn’t realize it was only on for an hour tonight. That was a total bummer for me : (
Also it seemed like the judges were somewhat frustrated tonight, especially Kara and Simon. Although I am not complaining, it makes for a more interesting show that way. I will say that if I had to sit in a room next to Paula and Simon for hours I would probably want to shoot myself. (I feel your pain Kara, and Randy was pretty much useless in my eyes tonight). Anyway, moving on to what fired me up.

Two things really made me angry tonight and the first one you guys will probably laugh at, so here goes. What in God's name was Kara wearing tonight?!?!? I mean was she serious with that outfit? It looked like a cat clawed her sleeves off. At first I thought it was a shirt but then when she stood up I noticed it was a dress and I was even more confused. I would like to meet her stylist and fire him/her myself. If you know you are going to be on television, in front of millions, please dress a little better. At least just for my sake! Also her makeup is a little over the top. She is a pretty girl, she doesn’t need all that dark, smoky, eye shadow. Ok now that that is off my chest. Let's move on to more important things, like the idol hopefuls.

Now this is the second issue that really bothered me about tonight and actually has been bothering me for some time with Idol. If I am not mistaken this show was created to help find the most talented UNDISCOVERED vocalist in America. That being said, I don’t understand why they continue to bring people onto the show that have already been discovered. Granted, not all of them have had their full shot at fame and this show can be used as a stepping stone for their careers, but in my opinion if you were in a hit musical or released any type of music under a record label then you should not be on idol. I don’t know about you guys but I love to hear of a musician who has been singing in bars for years or who has been waiting for an opportunity like Idol to come along. Those are the people who are naturally talented. I love hearing success stories like that from idol. A great example is Kellie Pickler. Although not the greatest vocalist, her story was one that made us all cheer her on to great success. The reason I bring all of this up is because I was very disappointed to find out that Adam Lambert, one of the auditioners and now Hollywood contenders, was in the hit musical Wicked for a year and a half. Now I like the guy and think he has a pretty good voice, but of course you have to have a good voice to perform for a year and a half in Wicked. Which leads me to the question of: is it fair to have this guy on idol next to people who have never sang in front of a huge audience before? I don’t know; I debate about this issue myself but as much as I complain about it, I will forever and always love my American Idol. I am a strong believer that if you have what it takes to make it big, then when you are given that chance you will make the most of it. Some excellent examples are Kelly Clarkson, Kellie Pickler, Fantasia, Bucky Covington, Chris Daughtry all of whom took idol and used it as a stepping-stone for their careers now. Like I said I still go back and forth about Idol allowing experienced people on the show next to the inexperienced people but one thing is for sure, it always makes for one hell of a show. Thanks for reading and below you will find my Idol Contestants that stuck out for me tonight. Sorry there aren’t too many because, well honestly, I didn’t really like anyone tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of more talent.

San Francisco - Tuesday January 20th
Girl with annoying laugh—I had a feeling she would be good, she will be interesting to watch in Hollywood

Jesus—I actually liked him and I’m glad they didn’t pass him up. I think he will shock us in Hollywood

Adam Lambert—Like him a lot but am still going back and forth on weather or not it is fair he is on the show. I mean come on, he was in Wicked for a year and a half.

Kai—I like his voice a lot, he has smooth vocals but needs to come out of his shell a little

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American Idol: Week 1

Hi, everyone! Our American Idol expert/amazing guest blogger Andrea has a full recap of this week's AI two-day premiere. So if you missed or, or just want to catch up on all the AI action, this is the place. Enjoy! And thank you, Andrea!


As many of you readers know, I am a huge fan of American Idol and I can guarantee you there is noone else on this earth that was more excited for the Season 8 premier of AI than I was. I literally wait all year and check their website obsessively to see when the auditions will start and when the season premiere will air, and that makes me sound crazy, I know. Regardless, my wait is over and over the last two nights I was able to witness the beautiful return of my favorite reality show.

As promised, I am here to give you all the juice and info you will need on EVERYTHING American Idol. In this article I will recap the two-night premier and discuss how I feel about the new season thus far. So, without further ado….I present to you my first recap of American Idol Season 8!

To prove how much of a dork I am, and to show how much American Idol has an impact on my everyday life, I first want to talk about some of the information I researched about the show prior to it starting. (Yes, people tell me I need a life all the time.) Anyway, I spent some time researching the internet for spoilers on Season 8 and found some interesting changes that we are expected to see during this season. Throughout this recap, I will touch on each change that was to be expected and give my opinion on each. The first of which is the addition of a new and fourth judge.

As I sit here watching the first week of Idol I am noticing the effect that the addition of a fourth judge Kara DioGuardi has had on the show already. It is a nice change to see another judge, and another female judge at that! I think that Kara actually makes Paula seem normal, if that’s even possible. And I don’t mean that Kara sounds crazier than Paula - I mean its nice that someone has similar opinions as Paula does and can articulate them better than Paula. Maybe Paula can take some notes from Kara and actually start making sense when she speaks! If anything, the addition of a fourth judge gives us another opinion and Kara’s opinions seem pretty level- headed.

Another “change” that was to occur this season was the elimination of terrible singers and more of the better singers being rejected. That did not prove to be the case during the two-night premier. It seemed like almost all of the tickets they handed out for Hollywood were not deserving of those tickets. Actually, I was shocked at who they gave a golden ticket to…like the girl in the bikini, she was vocally challenged in my opinion. (I could be biased because I happen to think I have a better voice than most those contestants) Although I will say she was very smart with wearing that outfit, clearly it’s the only thing that got her to Hollywood. Hopefully, she will leave the swimwear at home during the Hollywood round. Overall though, I am going to say that this change of fewer terrible singers and more of the better vocalists was not showcased in the premier. There are clearly still freaks showing up for these auditions. Maybe throughout the rest of the auditions they will showcase more singers and less wannabes. We will have to stay tuned to find out!

One characteristic of the show that changed that I happen to like a lot is the fact that Ryan is shown talking to the contestants more before and after their auditions. This is a change that I am glad they are making and one that I am really hoping lasts throughout the rest of the season. I remember during season one when Ryan and Brian (the other host they got ride of) both talking to Kelly Clarkson right before she went into her audition and they asked her about her outfit. Kelly said she made her shirt out of an old pair of jeans, from that moment on I thought wow this chick is cool! Having Ryan talk to the contestants more allows us to get to know the contestants before the spotlight jades them. It’s also nice that they are talking to the families more too. It’s nice to know who we are voting for before they become the next American Idol.

Overall, I think the Season 8 premier wasn’t bad. The fourth judge is a nice addition to the show and contrary to what they said about eliminating terrible contestants, it was clear that that the freaks were still coming out and they believe, for some reason, that they can sing. What people don’t realize is that there are two auditions rounds prior to the Simon, Paul, Randy and Kara round that those freaks actually pass through before making it to TV. I sometimes wonder what the producers are thinking when they let some of those people pass through to the final round. One thing the producers did get right was the idea of showing Ryan talking more to the contestants so that we can get to know them before we vote for them. As I watched the season 8 premiere, I am reminded of the Season 1 auditions, were they talked to the contestants more, that’s a nice reminder in my opinion. One thing I am disappointed in is the fact that I feel some of the contestants we will be seeing in Hollywood did not deserve that golden ticket. That alone should make for an interesting Hollywood round and I am looking forward to what the next round has to offer. I hope they continue showcasing the contestants more during the Hollywood round so I can feel like I know the contestant before I spent time sending them my votes.

Well as I conclude my first AI 8 recap, I hope you enjoyed my article and please remember everything here is just my opinion. Please feel free to leave lots and lots of comments and also read my lists below of the contestants that stuck out the most for me so far! Until next time, remember to sing your heart out like no one is listening…..and sing loud because you cant sound as bad as half these people that auditions.

Contestants that stuck out for me:

Tuesday Night

Arianna Afsar--She sang "Put your records on" and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her voice. I think she is good, cute and has the potential to go far on this show!

Stevie Wright –she sang "At Last" and I was not all that impressed with her vocals, I don’t think she will handle Hollywood very well.

Bathing suit girl—OK, this chick was way over played, I don’t think she was that great vocally but was smart by wearing that bathing suit because well, it got her through.

Wednesday Night

Ashley (Sang a song that Simon wrote for Leona Lewis) —looked a little fake bake for me but LOVED her voice. She reminds me of a much better sounding Katherine McPhee! She will do well in this competition

Von Smith—this is the guy that over sang somewhere over the rainbow but wow was he good. I hope he does well in this competition and does end up being cocky

Michael Castro—well lets just say I don’t want to deal with another Castro on this show. His brother was terrible last year and I’m pretty sure he used his brother to get on the show this year…I hope he is gone early in Hollywood.

Jessica Paige—was a normal, very naturally talented girl. I hope she goes far!

India—this is another one that I feel did not deserve her ticket to Hollywood

Anoop—looking at him, you would think he couldn’t sing but wow was he good. And it wasn’t like all those other guys that sing Boyz II Men on this show, it was actually really, really good!

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Hott Author Check-In

Hi friends, have you missed me? I have missed you all! My computer is still down, but I'm back at school with full access to a computer lab, so I should be writing semi-regularly again. I have a few ideas for some upcoming posts, but I am pretty distracted with a new t.v. obsession. I am in love with "Veronica Mars." The f'n show isn't even on t.v. anymore, but I watched a few old episodes on On Demand and was hooked. I made it through the whole first season and now I'm on numero dos, so it's pretty time consuming. Did any of you watch this show? I always knew it was on but thought it was about aliens since "Mars" is in the title...and while I do enjoy aliens, I just never felt compelled to watch. Anyway, after I'm done with Season 2, I will have less Veronica on my mind and more other pointless drivel to expound upon.


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T-Minus 4 Hours!

I am unabashedly a Vh1 addict. I will watch any piece of trash show they throw my way and I'm really OK with it at this point in my life.

This probably explains why I am SO excited for tonight's Rock of Love: Charm School Reunion show. Vh1 reunion shows are always amazing and full of surprises. However, the word on the street is that this time, the HOST of Charm School, Sharon Osbourne, gets into a fight with everyone's favorite slutty villain, Megan. I do enjoy my fair share of underdogs and backstabbers, but I have never been a Megan fan, so I can't wait to see how this fight unfolds.

Check out the preview below and be sure to tune in to Vh1 tonight at 7 to see all the drama and ass-kicking. I can't wait!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009, bitches!


I hope everyone has recovered from their respective partying last night. I know I could use a nap (or two), and I probably won't be very productive for the rest of today, unless watching football counts. And since I generally hate the cliche of New Year's Resolutions, this year I am just resolving to make 2009 better than 2008.

Enjoy your day, everyone!