Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Parade is Being Rained Upon

Hey friends. I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that my life is slowly falling apart. My laptop power port is not working, so I have no computer to post from (this post is being done in the library). Since my computer is broken, that means I cannot take my finals on it, so I am going to have to write them, SO I am going to be slower than everyone else and my hand is going to feel arthritic when I am done...lovely. My car is also on the fritz. I pulled over in a church (eek!) parking lot yesterday and my doors locked behind me. I think it was some sort of car poltergeist because my doors do not automatically lock. So then, I had to go into the church and ask to phone a friend. I was waiting in there (since it was cold and rainy) for my brother to show up and save the day and, all of the sudden, the pastor hands me a brochure and encourages me to come to meetings in case I am an addict or know of an addict - WTF?! This is why I don't go to church...well that's not really why, but it's a good addition to all the reasons I already have.
Anyway, I am going to be taking finals for a few days, which I hopefully pass so that I can get the hell out of law school 6 months from now. I know Lex is busy, too, so there might not be too many posts between now and Christmas. So if I don't write between now and then, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas (or whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate), and we will be writing at you again soon!


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