Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Single Ladylockdown

I am really enjoying Love Lockdown by Kanye West right now. I fell in love with Gold Digger when it came out too, and the songs are completely different - which I think is a testament to just how talented Mr. West is. He is very full of himself, but I think rightfully so. Here is the video for Love Lockdown, which I think you guys should watch. The video is interesting, but I think I like the song better just by itself. Check it out:

Another song I have been jamming to lately is Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). It's not the most meaningful song, but it's really catchy and fun. The video is unique in the fact that it's just dancing - no plot, no driving around in cars, no frills, no fuss. I like it precisely because of it's simplicity. The dance moves are relatively easy (although done quickly and in precision - gotta give B some credit here!), so the video has spawned some impersonators. Here is Beyonce's version:

Here are some copy cats, clearly adding their own flavor. I like this trend, to be perfectly honest. I would rather be Single Ladied than Rick Rolled, personally.

And here is Shane Mercado on Bonnie Hunt's talk show (that's for Kelly - my brother's girlfriend, who never reads the blog, but her favorite actress is Bonnie Hunt for some reason).



Lex said...

I loooove both of these songs! I wish I was Sasha Fierce and could dance like that!

Baby Mama Brookie said...

wow, this was truly amazing! i loved the fat guy in the leotard! lol