Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Praise Be To XENU!!!

I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, and in the case of Tom Cruise and "Kate" Holmes, I was very, very wrong. From the get go, I figured this was just a publicity stunt (much like I thought the Ashton/Demi stuff was a publicity stunt - wrong again!) and would be over in like a hott minute. And while I still think their romance is really a fauxmance, I have to give them some credit for their efforts because today is their 2 year wedding anniversary. Good for them. I will be sending them a nice theton gift set to celebrate the occasion.
Unfortunately, Tom Cruise has been working his way up in my scorebook. He has been staying out of the public eye lately and was able to not be sooperserious about himself in Tropic Thunder. While I do love LOLing at his antics, I think it is better for him if he stays out of sight and out of earshot for a while; it makes people forget that he is so... just how he is.

So anyway, we here at Sooperserial want to wish the Cruise-Holmes family a happy anniversary. And I personally would like to bet that Tom will divorce her in approximately 7 years and 364 days... aka right before he is married to her for 10 years and property laws apply differently in the state of California... aka just what he did to Nicole.

Whatever happens, I will be rooting for you two crazy kids. Maverick + Joey Potter = sexy alien love.
P.S. I think Katie is broken, because she definitely doesn't smile the way she did in that picture anymore.

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