Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Office: A Rant

I have been bottling up these emotions for awhile, so just bear with me, people. If you want to skip this post, I understand. I'm just very passionate about our society's important issues, like NBC's The Office.

OK, as I'm sure most people know, I have loved The Office (US version - I love the original UK version as well but that's not the point at the moment) since Day 1. I own all the DVDs, watch the weekly reruns on TBS, still laugh at Kevin's anal fissures, and wish that my company had a Dundies Award ceremony at my local Chili's restaurant. I even somewhat forced friends/coworkers to eventually just give in and start watching it because I talked about it so incessantly. However, I think the show has gone downhill this season, especially with the fanfiction-esque relationship of Jim and Pam, affectionately known as "JAM."

For those of you not up to speed, here's a quick recap: Jim and Pam were basically BFFs for life ever since they started working together at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. The two had little crushes on each other, which eventually turned into something real, espcially on Jim's end. However, at the time, Pam was engaged to Roy, a warehouse worker, so Jim knew that they could never be together and eventually, heartbroken, transferred to the company's Stamford branch, only to be transferred back to ye olde Scranton a short time later. During this time, Pam had broken off her wedding with Roy, but in the meantime Jim had already started dating someone else in an effort to move on. Eventually, they both realized they were MFEO and started dating during Season 4, and about a year later, got engaged during the premiere of Season 5.

OK, now we're all on the same page. This sounds like it should be a match made in heaven. I wanted them together so, so bad. I cried real tears over these two fictional characters! It's something that both the characters themselves and the fans have been waiting for for a really long time, so it should be perfect - right? RIGHT?! Wrong. Somewhere along the way, the writing just went really awry. Honestly to me it seems like they have a bunch of 12 year old fangirls writing their storyline because their relationship is anything but realistic.

It just seems like these two are never fully honest with each other. Pam spent a semester at "art school" (how cliche does that sound?) this season in beautiful and exciting NYC, only to mysteriously find out a few weeks before the end of the semester that she was 100% failing one of her classes. Really, Pam? You didn't know you were failing until it was too late?

So, she tells Jim that she has to stay another 12 weeks to make up for the failing grade, causing more strain on their long-distance relationship. He tells her he is OK with that if she is (which I am fine with, he is just trying to do the right thing and make her feel better), and she agrees, while trying to hold back tears. Maaaybe it's just me, but isn't honesty one of the major factors in a relationship? Your "love interest" is someone who is supposed to be there for you through the happy and sad times, no matter what. So what was the deal with Pam holding back her emotions? If you want to cry, freaking cry, Fancy New Beesley! That's what boyfriends are for!

Naturally, Pam decides to quit school (all of that work/money for nothing?!) and come back to Scranton, where she and Jim plan to live happily ever after. Gag me. I get that long distance relationships suck, but this is JAM - if anyone can stick it out, they can. To add insult to injury, Jim cooked up a little scheme while Pam was gone. He purchased a house for them without her knowing. And not just any house, his parents' house! Creepy 101. Granted, it was done out of love and his heart was in the right place, but shouldn't he have discussed such a major decision with his bride-to-be before jumping in head first? Again with the honesty thing. You aren't supposed to keep such important secrets in a relationship! It would be different if he bought her an amazing condo in Trump Towers, but we're talking your average single-family home in Scranton. What if Pam doesn't even like it?

Oh wait, of course she loves it! She thinks it's wonderful and fantastic and as always this sentiment is sealed with a kiss. The preteen writers strike again! What is next? A storybook wedding complete with a horse and carriage? Then Pam gets pregnant with twins - one boy and one girl, and they all skip off happily towards the sunset with little puppies frolicking at their side. Come on. To quote Maroon 5 (and I don't even like them!): "It's not always rainbows and butterflies/ It's compromise/It moves us along."

I'm just so over the lovey-dovey crap. They make the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle seem normal and healthy! (That's a whole different story in itself; do your own research on that one!) Bottom line: Let's go, Office writers, aka young adults. I want the passion. I want the pranks. I want the honesty. I want the sparks. Hell, I even want the awkward moments. I want JAM back!

Whew. I feel much better now. Fellow Office fans - do you agree with me, or am I just a cynical bitch? Maybe don't answer that last part.