Friday, November 14, 2008

Checking In With Y'all

Hey readers. Again, we be sorry for not updating a lot. We're just busy hoes, ya knows?

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about The Pick-up Artist - that show on VH1. It is so ridiculous that I cannot even really stand to watch it...or even be in the same room while it is on. I could understand a show where they taught lovable losers to be more outgoing and socially acceptable, but the whole premise of this show could be summed up by saying: Women are dumb -even the loserest of losers can have sexual intercourse with super hott women if they say the right lines.

Uhhh... yeah, these women have to sign releases to be on this show. The only reason they talk to these guys is because A) They feel bad for them OR B) They want to get some screen time. They could potentially get to like these guys for their personality, but Mystery (the leader of this sad pack) doesn't really let them go off of their script. And what a mystery Mystery is. Here is a picture if you've never been graced with his image:

Seriously? Eyeliner, lip tattoo on the neck, a bona fide locket, a feather boa, kind of a reverse drag face (i.e. a girl dressing up like a guy)...and I could go on with the list of things that baffle me about him.

My point is, this show is crap and I don't like it.



Junior said...

LOL at your last line Lauren... Tell us how you really feel!

But I just wanted to add that even you know a lot of girls sleep with men like "Mystery" just to be nice, like "Well, he bought me a drink and told me I've been running through his mind all night, and I'm drunk and got nothing better to do. Alright reverse drag face guy, let's do it..."

Brooke said...

Yes, I have to agree with ya. I watch this show actually....hate every second of it but I dont turn it off. Me and Matt were watching it yesterday and he was very confused about there really being guys that cant talk to girls. Serious though, they had to kiss or get numbers from bikini models...i'm sure even really hott guys would have trouble doing that and they want us to believe these lame dudes could get their numbers. PAHLEASE!