Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Open Up Your Eyes

I love voting. Like seriously, if I was a dude, I bet voting would give me a boner. If you think that statement is disturbing, maybe find a different blog to read... Anyway. I have been really excited to vote for Obama for a long time now...like wayyyyy before any of you. However, now I don't really know if I want to vote for him anymore (because he hasn't really changed his ideas too much from before he announced he would be running and I think he should have more plans by now) and was interested in hearing McCain's pick for Vice President. Well, that wily old fart decided to pick a WOMAN as his running mate... wooooow. This was an interesting strategic move and perhaps a good one, but I think McCain is relying too heavily on the fact that a large percentage of women wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton. The thing is, Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. I don't think all the hoes in the world who supported Clinton are just automatically going to be like, "oooh that ticket has a vagine, I know who I'm voting for!" But I am majorly getting away from what I was actually going to write about.
I was going to tell you that there was a Desperate Housewives-esque rumored scandal involving Palin supposedly faking a pregnancy for her slutty daughter and passing the baby off as her own (pretending to be mama when she was really grandmama). So far, this doesn't look like it's true, BUT it has come out that her seventeen year old daughter is ACTUALLY pregnant now. Again, woooow. The reason that I think this is interesting is that Palin is one of those ignorant peeps who think that abstinence is the only bomb ass form of contraception. I mean, yes, abstinence is the only 100% effective birth control, but sometimes, oh sometimes, when you don't teach an alternative method, you end up with Juno Palin in your living room. What if Sarah-beara had simply told Bristol (yes, actually her name...) that it's better/safer/more meaningful if you wait, but if your skank instincts will not be silenced - use a condom or ask to be put on birth control. That's not so bad, is it? I think it's simply irresponsible for people to disallow knowledge and thereby allow children to get knocked up by children. It just makes me mad, yo.
So to all the parents out there who read this blog (umm crickets...), it would be nice if your kids listened to everything you said and didn't do sexy times when you didn't want them to, but it's probably better to teach them their options and remain open and supporting - that way they will come to you when they have questions or issues and they won't end up thinking that they're not pregnant just because they didn't see a stork.
On another note, I think it's whack that Palin accepted the VP nomination considering she knew her teenage daughter was pregnant - obviously the whole world was going to find about it since they heavily investigate candidates. What a wonderful mother.


P.S. - just in case anyone needs some info about their junk and how it works and how to make sure their junk doesn't make a fetus: Planned Parenthood.


Lex said...

You make me LOL. I'm def going to put my "skank instincts" to work tomorrow when I write my 90210 review.

Andrea said...

haha Lauren I think you will be a great mother some day....P.S. I just added your page to my favorites....I have to go to Alexis profile to find it all the time...I know, I'm stupid...