Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Long-Winded 90210 Review.

I have nothing else to say. Come on, CW. It's not The OC, Gossip Girls, etc. None of those shows would even exist without BH 90210. And the five minutes of Brenda screen time was a slap in the face to all of us old folks who only tuned in to see her in the first place. It was boring, predictable, and horribly cliche. LAME. After Brenda's out, so am I.



Junior said...

Wasn't it amazing how five minutes of Brenda was more interesting than 1 hour and 95 minutes of show! Dump the kids and just focus on our old faves, as adults!

Lauren said...

oh, so going to a porn set and stealing pigs was predictable to you? i can shenanigans on that one.30

i agree they should just do 90210: 30s Are the New 20s Years

Dave said...

I didn't watch 90210, but my friends all seemed to enjoy it. I don't count Alexis as a friend anymore because I haven't spoken to her in years.