Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bail Bond Stores

More drama in them there Hills...
So for those of you who watch The Hills, let's discuss. I don't even really care about the whole "Speidi"/Lauren disagreements anymore because it's just boring at this point. I think it's kind of hilarious that Heidi's sister moved to L.A. because she doesn't really know how to act like she's being real yet (which Spencer and Heidi try to do - you can tell they plan some of their dialogue ahead of time). So it will be nice to see her grow as a reality show character, I suppose.
What I do think is interesting is the dynamic between Lauren, Lo, and Audrina. For those who don't watch, Lauren and Lo are best friends from way back, and Lauren and Audrina met when Lauren moved to L.A.; last season they shared an apartment. Well, this season, the 3 girls decided to all move in together - Lauren and Lo in the main house and Audrina in the guest house. It seemed like it would be a good move, with all 3 being close enough together, yet having enough space to be sane. It turns out that Lauren and Lo have gotten closer since moving in while Audrina feels like she and Lauren are growing apart. Audrina thinks that Lo is "super bitchy" and is the one that is making her friendship with Lauren turn sour. I think that's enough exposition to get you all caught up.
A few episodes ago, Lo decided to go talk to Audrina and see if they could make themselves be friends and Audrina said, "we're never going to be friends." Now, for someone who calls Lo "super bitchy," I think the pot needs to meet the kettle. Having already established that Audrina is actually the semi-bitchy one (i.e. talking behind Lo's back and refusing to even try to be her friend), I come to my next point. Audrina is super fucking boring. She never does/says anything funny, random, or interesting. All she does is talk about her life and she sounds confused a lot of the time. Lo, on the other hand, is my favorite character on the freaking Hills. Just last week, Lauren was suggesting they call "the bail bond store" to get information about jails and I was thinking "LOL, it's not a store" and then Lo said (tactfully), "umm, I don't think it's called" She wasn't mean about it, she was just hilarious about it. I also respect Lo for being able to go talk to Audrina and try to figure things out and be friends. Lo is just honest and funny and that is why I love her and hate "Ceiling Eyes" (that's what Michael K calls Audrina... she does always appear to be looking up at the ceiling...).
One of my roommates, on the other hand, actually likes Audrina and hates Lo (but this is the same roommate who's favorite sextuplet on Jon & Kate + 8 is Hannah, so wtf?).




Dave said...

Your roommate is an idiot... plain and simple.

Junior said...

Clearly Lo is the winner of any Lo/Audrina match-up mostly because she actually speaks and doesn't look frightened by what's going on around her.

(p.s. my fave sextuplet is Colin. That's good right?)

sooperserial said...

Yes, my roommate is an idiot, but a lovable one.

Collin is acceptable. Pretty much all of them are, except for Hannah because she is lame.

P.S. I hate the way they spell Colin (Collin), Aidan (Aaden), and Maddie (Mady).

Junior said...

Hahaha, I didn't even notice that that's how they spell Collin! I thought it was one "l"! I noticed Aaden though just because I wondered how often people are going to spell it wrong during his life!

Lex said...

This was exhausting to even read. How do the 12 year olds keep up with all the drama this show?