Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Chase

Oh Mtv, you have done it again. Another one of my Monday night gems is The Paper. From left to right in that picture (I think), is Dan, Adam, Cassea (back), Amanda Lorber (glasses), Alex, Trevor, and Giana.

Basically Amanda was named Editor-in-Chief by the newspaper advisor and all of those other bitches (except Cassea) are mad because they wanted it, too.

Amanda is clearly the star of The Paper (with Adam coming in a close second!). She is the Lauren Conrad of this show, serving as narrator and HBIC. I can't really explain Amanda to you, but just know this about her: she has inspirational quotes written on post-its hung on her wall, she talks to her dog frequently, and we see her doing yoga AND talking to her dog at the same time more than once. She's dramatic and different, and doesn't really seem to fit in with the majority of her paper staff.

The reason that this show is so great is the fact that it portrays bitchy teens as bitchy teens. Contrasting this with Laguna Beach's cast, which basically say "I don't like so-and-so, she's ugly," this show is SO MUCH BETTER. So far, I have seen all of the kids have a party and not invite Amanda, all of the kids go out to eat and not invite Amanda and then call her and passive aggressively insult her, and create a Wii character for the boxing game and then fight her... among other things. Call me crazy, but this seems to me to be more of a representation of how actual high schoolers behave...at least the ones that I know. This is a show about the super involved kids, which are fundamentally different than rich kids who don't do anything for school because they don't have to.

I feel slightly conflicted while watching the show because I see how mean these kids are being to Amanda behind her back, yet none of them (except drama queen Adam) will confront her about things to her face. On one level, I think their behavior is mean and wrong, and on another level I think it's hilarious and close to how I behaved in high school. I was on the newspaper staff and didn't like our editor-in-chief, and made her cry one day just because I didn't like her...I probably would do things differently if I had to do it over, but that's just what high school kids do... at least the high school kids I was hanging out with.

So to bottom line it: this show is awesome. You get to see cat fights, drama, and genuine teenage behavior. You might feel bad for Amanda, but I'm willing to bet she'll do fine once she gets out of high school and into some wonderful journalism program at the college of her choice.

Mtv's The Paper airs Mondays at 10:30 (after The Hills).



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