Friday, May 30, 2008

Lex's Short and Spoiler-Free SATC Movie Review

Last night I was lucky enough to get tickets to a 7:30 sneak peek showing of the highly-anticipated Sex and the City Movie. After about 60 minutes of waiting in line, getting our purses searched for cameras, and laughing at those who "dressed the part" (seriously, we saw people in very fancy dresses and stilettos - have fun sitting for 2.5 hours in that), we finally were allowed to take our seats, and after NO COMMERCIALS AND ONLY ONE PREVIEW (that never happens!), the movie every girl (and gay guy) had been waiting for was about to begin.

So, how was it? As Carrie Bradshaw would say: "fabulous." It had its share of laughter, tears, fashion, and, of course, puns. Obviously I wouldn't take my boyfriend (any girl who drags her boyfriend along literally has NO FRIENDS) or my brother to see it, but fans of the show will love it. And normally I hate long movies, but the 2.5 hours went by very quickly. Finally, I felt that all of the ladies brought their A-game for the movie. I know that Carrie runs the ship, but all of the women really gave their best performances this time. Fans of the show: don't miss it.

(PS -And if you want spoilers, I support that, and will happily oblige. Do Carrie and Big finally walk down the aisle, or is that just a dream sequence? Is Charlotte finally pregnant? Does anyone die? Is Miranda really in dire need of a bikini wax? Leave a comment with your e-mail address and ye shall receive.)


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