Thursday, February 14, 2008

Luckily, no one died.

Hello, loyal readers (LOL). Long time no blog. I have been busy with work and travels, and work travels. I'm sorry I abandoned you. Please forgive me.

I have many awesome things I want to blog about when I have a little more time. I promise they will be amazing posts.

In the meantime, I would like to metion that recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Funny or Die comedy tour. It featured many awesome things: Will Ferrell riding a jazzy, Will Ferrell fighting ninjas, a Ron Burgundy appearance, several crazed fans dressed as Buddy the Elf, and so on. However, the MOST awesome thing about the show was the fact that WILL ARNETT WAS THE GUEST ANNOUNCER. Yes, I saw illusionist GOB Bluth in the flesh. I can die happy.

The second best thing about the show was that it introduced me to a new LOL-worthy comedian named Zach Galifianakis. Apparently I'm the last person on earth to not hear of him and/or think he's funny, but bear with me. He did a lot of "That's So Raven" jokes, which makes him A-OK in my book. Enjoy some of his humor below. Yes, I realize some of the delivery is a borderline Mitch Hedberg (RIP) impression, but it's still funny.


PS - Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Get laid and enjoy yourselves.

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