Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Underage Gaming.

This post from The Consumerist struck a chord with me. A 21-year-old boy from Illinois just wanted to buy himself a nice Xbox game at a local Best Buy. He took his younger brother with him, the Best Buy employees accused him of "illegally" buying an "M" for Mature game for a minor. He wasn't buying it for his brother; he was buying it for himself, and the last time I checked, the suggested video game rating system is not enforceable by law. Also, Best Buy was making a pretty penny off this stupid game, so why make an issue of it? Get a life, Best Buy. I hate that place anyway but I'll save that particular rant for a different time.

Completely unrelated, but congrats to Pittsburgh-area native Christina Aguilera on the birth of her baby boy. May he enjoy many "M" for Mature video games in his lifetime, and may he always remain in the custody of both his parents, unlike a certain other Mouseketeer alumni.

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