Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Another Festivus Miracle!"

Today is Festivus, everyone! For those of you not familiar, here is a handy video explaining all you'll ever need to know and then some. If you need me, I'll be busy airing grievances (I have a lot of them) and participating in the feats of strength. HAPPY FESTIVUS, EVERYBODY!

I find tinsel distracting,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mr. G Hits The Spot

If you're not watching Summer Heights High (originally from Australia, now on HBO), you really should be. In the clip below, Mr. G, drama teacher and overall megalomaniac, demonstrates his disaster drills for various different scenarios including, fires, terrorists, school shooters, and pedophiles.

This is quickly becoming one of my top favorite shows. It's hilarious, and if you don't think so, you either have no sense of humor or you're my mom. (Sorry, Mom, not that you even know how to access the internet...)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Parade is Being Rained Upon

Hey friends. I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that my life is slowly falling apart. My laptop power port is not working, so I have no computer to post from (this post is being done in the library). Since my computer is broken, that means I cannot take my finals on it, so I am going to have to write them, SO I am going to be slower than everyone else and my hand is going to feel arthritic when I am done...lovely. My car is also on the fritz. I pulled over in a church (eek!) parking lot yesterday and my doors locked behind me. I think it was some sort of car poltergeist because my doors do not automatically lock. So then, I had to go into the church and ask to phone a friend. I was waiting in there (since it was cold and rainy) for my brother to show up and save the day and, all of the sudden, the pastor hands me a brochure and encourages me to come to meetings in case I am an addict or know of an addict - WTF?! This is why I don't go to church...well that's not really why, but it's a good addition to all the reasons I already have.
Anyway, I am going to be taking finals for a few days, which I hopefully pass so that I can get the hell out of law school 6 months from now. I know Lex is busy, too, so there might not be too many posts between now and Christmas. So if I don't write between now and then, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas (or whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate), and we will be writing at you again soon!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

American Idle: Waiting for Season 8

Our pal Andrea is an American Idol superfan and will be our resident AI expert/recapper/correspondent here at Sooperserial. I'm not totally AI hardcore (I kind of tune out after the funny auditions), but so many people are, so we are really excited to have Andrea on board as a guest blogger and our AI go-to gal. If you, too, know some AI #1 fans, please direct them our way for all their AI info as per Andrea. Below is a little write-up she did for the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more!


Hello, all! This is Andrea just stopping by to let you guys know that I will be guest writing for my friends here at Sooperserial during the American Idol season this year! And if you are as obsessed with American Idol as much as I am, then you can understand my anticipation for Season 8 to start! The audition rounds are scheduled to start this January and I cannot wait!

A two night, four-hour event is scheduled for Tuesday January 13th and Wednesday January 14th at 8:00, and the audition rounds are, in my opinion, the funniest and most entertaining part of the American Idol season! I am honestly watching Fox right now just to check and see if they have started running commercials yet. Yes, I am that obsessed.

I am so excited that my friends Lauren and Lex are kind enough to allow me to share my obsession with their lovely readers. I am going to be writing weekly reviews on American Idol here on this fabulous website. And since I will be out of school and have lots of time on my hands, I plan on writing as many reviews as I possibly can! So please make sure you stop by, read my reviews and leave some comments! Just a warning…I get really, really REALLY into American Idol and foresee my articles being extremely long and very detailed. So I am sure it will be an enjoyable read for any true American Idol fan.

In my anticipation for the new season to start, I have started Googling "American Idol Season 8" for spoiler alerts. I have indeed found them! There is one particular spoiler website that I always read and they have posted names of contestants that have made it to the Hollywood rounds. It’s exciting because you can also follow the links to the potential contestants Myspace pages and YouTube videos to hear them sing and judge them for yourselves before they are judged on the show! As you all know, the auditions have already taken place by the time we watch them on television, so the contestants go about three months knowing that they have made it to Hollywood and have to stay quiet about it till the show airs. That would be extremely difficult for me to do - I would honestly tell everyone I know if I made it onto the show.

But anyway, I am extremely excited about the new season and if anyone wants to read the spoilers, they can just e-mail my friends here at Sooperserial and I can forward on the information to you. I understand that most people do not like spoilers and would instead choose to watch the show and discover what has happened but in my opinion, spoilers are great!! (Editor's note: Lex loves spoilers!)

On a final note, thank you to Lex and Lauren for allowing me to share my American Idol obsession with you lovely readers! Enjoy!



Friday, December 5, 2008

This is Bowie to Bowie

"I hate listening to people's dreams. It's like flipping through a stack of photographs. If I'm not in any of them, and nobody's having sex, I just... don't care." -Dennis Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last night was my first night off of cold medicine in a few nights. I had to wake up early for class today and didn't want to risk sleeping through my alarm, so I decided not to self-medicate. The medicine made me, like, go into a coma and I didn't have any dreams that I could remember. Well, maybe my brain was mad it didn't get to have it's personal picture show for a few days, so last night I had very vivid dreams. I know this is boring, but deal. I dreamed that I was a passenger in a car with three other people. The whole time I knew my seatbelt wasn't on, but I didn't want to put it on because I thought the driver would be mad that it wasn't on from the start. Eventually, I did put it on and the driver scolded me a bit. End scene.

Well today, I am driving along on my morning commute and what do I see ahead of me...a seatbelt checkpoint! I want to believe that I am a little psychic for this, but probs not. I am one of those bitches that ALWAYS wears her seatbelt and hardcore yells at my passengers if they don't. If I was relaxed about wearing it and then decided to wear it today only because of my dream, I would totally start working for the psychic hotline. But alas, I am just going to go ahead and take this as a coincidence.

In other news, I finally got my computer up and running again yesterday. My A/C adapter broke and I had to order a new one. An hour after I got it to work, our internet stopped working. There's really nothing we can do to fix it since we steal it haha. We pay for our own internet, but haven't set up a router, so we are going to have to do that ASAP. I need to read all the shit that's on the web or I can't function. I usually Wikipedia things I don't know about, like at least 5 times a day. I love having information right there available to me.
Anyway, that is basically what is going on with my life - I'm dreaming and stealing. Either Lex or I will be doing a Circus review soon. Maybe we can both do one since one of us (her) is a die-hard fan and one of us is a little more unbiased.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Baby, One More Time

Just wanted to wish a happy 27th birthday to my favorite former train wreck, Britney Jean Spears. Additionally, her new album, Circus, was released today.

Come March, I'll be spending my birthday with her as well! I can't wait! Happy Birthday, Brit!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Dave's Story Hour

Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving & Black Friday. We have another guest blog for the day and should be getting back to being the main authors of this blog sometime soon. Today's guest blogger is SOOPERSERIAL friend, Dave. He has a non-fiction story of what can happen when you drink too much and be an asshole to your friend, Lauren.


How I Almost Lost My Friends
Hello SOOPERSERIAL readers. My name is Dave, and I am your guest blogger for the day. Today, I will be sharing a tale with you about how I almost lost my friends. I don't mean like we were at the park and got separated, I mean that I did something so incredibly stupid that I didn't think they would be friends with me ever again.

It all began on Thanksgiving Eve, some of you more intelligent readers (i.e. not Lex) may know that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest drinking night of the year. I have had some pretty exciting Thanksgiving Eves in the past. I made a good friend named Tony on a Thanksgiving Eve, and he plays a essential part in the major disaster of this year's story. We went to a bar to visit our friend, and SOOPERSERIAL blogger Lauren's brother, Davis (see above picture). Davis is a bartender. He was hooking us up with beverages all night long, making shots for us, and making the drinks a little stronger than expected. After hanging out with Davis for some time we decided to leave his bar and head to a more local bar named Blinky's. We chose Blinky's because of their delicious food. Me and Lauren shared a garlic loaf, and some fried raviolis. I also ordered some hot wings. With all this food I also ordered some delicious alcohol.

While at Blinky's we decided to play music on the Juke Box. I gave Lauren some cash money and she pumped the Juke Box full of good music. This may have been the first step towards the disaster. Tony, who I mentioned became my pal on a past Thanksgiving Eve, is a big fan of the rock band known to some as Guns 'N Roses. He believes that Axl Rose and his current band can still be called Guns 'N Roses. I told him I don't think a band can be called Guns 'N Roses unless it consists of Axl and Slash. Slash went off with a different band and did not call them Guns 'N Roses, and Axl should do the same. Well, after a friendly debate we basically decided to agree to disagree. After just a little more time of hanging out we decided it was time to go.

On the trip home Tony and I began calling eachother Axl and Slash. The ladies we were with also wanted some bad ass musical nicknames. So we decided to hand them out. We named Tony's womanly suitor, Jillian, Yoko Ono because she broke up the band, and sometimes it seems that Jillian is trying to keep us apart. Lauren also wanted a musical nickname, and she would not agree to any of the names we tried to give her. She asked if she could be Carly Simon and, basically out of spite, Tony and I would not agree to that. We kept trying to give her names that she did not want, and she began to get a little upset with us.

We got back to Lauren and Jillian's house and Jillian refused to let us in the door until let Lauren be named Carly Simon. This is when the big disaster happened. The disaster that may only fit in during a Michael Bay film was brewing up at this time. Jill would not unlock the door and Tony told her she didnt have to because "Slash (a.k.a Dave) will kick the door down." Well, I took this as my sign and turned and kicked the door. I did not exert much force in my kick, I did not expect anything to happen from this, but it did. Oh boy did it ever! The door FLEW open and the door frame pretty much exploded everywhere. There was a moment of silence. The door was slowly swinging back ,and nobody could move a muscle or say anything at all. There was a brief moment of a nervous chuckle and some gasps. Axl instantly said "It's cool dude, I've done this before."

Jim ran up and, since he knows everything, he knew he could fix it. He said he had a toolbox in his car and skipped back to his vehicle to get it. He brought out a hammer and Jillian went and got some nails. Axl and I started hammering any pieces we could find back together. In hindsight this was probably a poor choice. We thought we could easily fix it, but apparently this was not the case. While we were working on the door, two neighbors strolled by. Just so you know, this was happening around 2 a.m. These neighbors looked at us and said "Ummmm don't three girls live here, what is going on?" They thought Axl and I were theives doing things to the lock at the house. Lauren stepped out and told them we were not robbers and that everything was cool. The intelligent neighbors then said "Oh so you got drunk and kicked the door down." This was exactly correct. They laughed a bit and then wished us all a goodnight.

We did get the door to be able to close, but we did not get the lock to work. I said I would sleep in front of the door so that if any evil doers were to break in, I would be there for them to kill before they could go murder the girls in their sleep. The girls told me this wasn't necessary, they would just lock their bedroom doors, but I had to break the news to their roommate Jenny. Jenny and I have an interesting relationship. Let's just say that we are currently not friends. I went up and told her what had happened. She was not happy. She said it needed to be fixed and I assured her that it would be. Jillian hung a note on the door reminding Jenny to be gentle with the door. She was never happy about it.

Friday, I finally came back to the scene of the crime and repaired the door. It may not be as pretty as it once was, but I believe it is more secure than it was before. During the repairs we found out the door frame was basically hollow and that is why a simple kick completely blasted the frame into many shrapnel-like pieces. Some jokes have been made about it, and it is becoming water under the bridge, except with Jenny, she is still not happy. Maybe one day I will be able to write a blog about how I won her back as a friend, but for now it is just this story. The story about how Guns 'N Roses, alcohol, and Yoko Ono made me do something so stupid I almost lost my friends.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! We are definitely thankful for all of you! Here is a guest blog by Emily, a good friend of SOOPERSERIAL. Thanks for writing, Em! P.S. I didn't get the pics with your blog, so I had to find my own.


"Giving Thanks"

First – a big thank you to Lauren and Lex for letting me celebrity blog on SOOPERSERIAL. I am a loyal reader and I'm excited to have an entry in the blog hosted by my two favorite bitches. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I have decided to devote my blog entry to things that I am thankful for. There are many things in my life that give me reason to give thanks (family, friends, health and well-being) but I'm choosing to highlight my "top 5 materialistic things to be thankful for" for SOOPERSERIAL readers.

1 . My New 1G iPod Shuffle

I cannot live without my tunes, and my old-ass ipod from 2005 has been on the fritz for some time now. It probably doesn't help that I would run for miles and miles with it shaking in my hands, but you live and learn. So for a cool $50 I was able to purchase a 1G ipod shuffle (pink of course). It holds 250 songs and is perfect for working out because it operates more like a flash drive, in that it doesn't have an external hard drive (geek moment). So I just clip it and go. Right now I am part of a tripod team training for a triathlon next august in Philly. I'll be the one running with my pink shuffle.

2. Elliot Stabler aka Christopher Meloni

Tuesday nights on NBC are sooper-steamy thanks to this major hottie. Elliot Stabler is a bad ass, Catholic, former-military, husband and father, detective in the Manhattan P.D.'s Special Victims Unit (SVU). I can't even remember why I started watching this show. The topics/crimes in the show are often very disturbing and usually mimic a recent event that happened in the news. Maybe it's my rando interest in criminology/forensics – but no matter what – this show is made 1000x better because of Elliot Stabler. He's always beating the shit out of people and getting in trouble for being a BAMF. He has also made a guest appearance on another favorite show of mine, Scrubs, as the puppet doctor (for lack of a real character name). Extra points in my book. He was also on Oz, but I didn't watch that show. One time, my bff sent me a picture message on my phone that was a naked pic of Elliot Stabler. I wish I still had that phone…

3. My 1996 Toyota Tercel DX
There's nothing I hate more than public transportation (not because I'm snobby but because I am usually running about 5 minutes late for all things in life, and I'd never survive on public transportation). ANYWAY – I am the proud owner of a 1996 Toyota Tercel DX. Don't know what the DX stands for, but either way, love it. It gets amazing gas mileage and I pretty much run it into the ground because it is so old. I hit a deer one time and the Tercel killed it – deer didn't stand a chance. I'll prob be getting a new car in the spring, but right now, I am so thankful to have the Tercel when I'm sitting in Philly traffic every day.

4. Boots with the Fur
So I couldn't find a picture of the actual Candie's boots that I have (me either), but these look similar. On one of my visits to my bff's house in Pittsburgh, I couldn't help but notice a warm and fuzzy pair of boots with the fur on her bedroom floor. She informed me that she got them at Kohl's (sweet, my mom works at Kohl's!) and they were sooper-comfortable. However, I try not to get too excited about shoes EVER because I wear a size 11, and it's so hard for me to find shoes. (Note: I am not a freak of nature or a giant, I just have big feet). Imagine my surprise when I head to the local Kohl's and I find an "extra large" chocolate-y pair of boots with the fur – ON SALE. I snatched those things up and they haven't left my feet since. Now my bff and I rock them together at special occasions and we highly recommend them!

5. Tazo Passion Tea

This stuff is a miracle drink. It can be served hot, iced or shaken with lemonade – and no matter what, it's amazing. My bff and I used to get venti Passion Tea with Lemonade from Starbucks and people watch on the steps of our university's union building wearing our sunglasses. Best times ever. Since it's frickin freezing outside, I drink it hot and it's still delish, just missing my bff.

So that's my list. There are tons of things in my life that I am thankful for. I have the best friends in the whole world who would do anything for me, a family who loves me, a job that I enjoy going to every day, a sweet place to live and as far as I know, I'm not dying of any horrible diseases. I hope that everyone takes a few minutes today and in the upcoming holiday season to be thankful for everything – materialistic or not – that they have in their lives. And then wash it all down with a passion tea – or some booze. Thanks for reading, bitches!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Single Ladylockdown

I am really enjoying Love Lockdown by Kanye West right now. I fell in love with Gold Digger when it came out too, and the songs are completely different - which I think is a testament to just how talented Mr. West is. He is very full of himself, but I think rightfully so. Here is the video for Love Lockdown, which I think you guys should watch. The video is interesting, but I think I like the song better just by itself. Check it out:

Another song I have been jamming to lately is Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). It's not the most meaningful song, but it's really catchy and fun. The video is unique in the fact that it's just dancing - no plot, no driving around in cars, no frills, no fuss. I like it precisely because of it's simplicity. The dance moves are relatively easy (although done quickly and in precision - gotta give B some credit here!), so the video has spawned some impersonators. Here is Beyonce's version:

Here are some copy cats, clearly adding their own flavor. I like this trend, to be perfectly honest. I would rather be Single Ladied than Rick Rolled, personally.

And here is Shane Mercado on Bonnie Hunt's talk show (that's for Kelly - my brother's girlfriend, who never reads the blog, but her favorite actress is Bonnie Hunt for some reason).


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Office: A Rant

I have been bottling up these emotions for awhile, so just bear with me, people. If you want to skip this post, I understand. I'm just very passionate about our society's important issues, like NBC's The Office.

OK, as I'm sure most people know, I have loved The Office (US version - I love the original UK version as well but that's not the point at the moment) since Day 1. I own all the DVDs, watch the weekly reruns on TBS, still laugh at Kevin's anal fissures, and wish that my company had a Dundies Award ceremony at my local Chili's restaurant. I even somewhat forced friends/coworkers to eventually just give in and start watching it because I talked about it so incessantly. However, I think the show has gone downhill this season, especially with the fanfiction-esque relationship of Jim and Pam, affectionately known as "JAM."

For those of you not up to speed, here's a quick recap: Jim and Pam were basically BFFs for life ever since they started working together at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. The two had little crushes on each other, which eventually turned into something real, espcially on Jim's end. However, at the time, Pam was engaged to Roy, a warehouse worker, so Jim knew that they could never be together and eventually, heartbroken, transferred to the company's Stamford branch, only to be transferred back to ye olde Scranton a short time later. During this time, Pam had broken off her wedding with Roy, but in the meantime Jim had already started dating someone else in an effort to move on. Eventually, they both realized they were MFEO and started dating during Season 4, and about a year later, got engaged during the premiere of Season 5.

OK, now we're all on the same page. This sounds like it should be a match made in heaven. I wanted them together so, so bad. I cried real tears over these two fictional characters! It's something that both the characters themselves and the fans have been waiting for for a really long time, so it should be perfect - right? RIGHT?! Wrong. Somewhere along the way, the writing just went really awry. Honestly to me it seems like they have a bunch of 12 year old fangirls writing their storyline because their relationship is anything but realistic.

It just seems like these two are never fully honest with each other. Pam spent a semester at "art school" (how cliche does that sound?) this season in beautiful and exciting NYC, only to mysteriously find out a few weeks before the end of the semester that she was 100% failing one of her classes. Really, Pam? You didn't know you were failing until it was too late?

So, she tells Jim that she has to stay another 12 weeks to make up for the failing grade, causing more strain on their long-distance relationship. He tells her he is OK with that if she is (which I am fine with, he is just trying to do the right thing and make her feel better), and she agrees, while trying to hold back tears. Maaaybe it's just me, but isn't honesty one of the major factors in a relationship? Your "love interest" is someone who is supposed to be there for you through the happy and sad times, no matter what. So what was the deal with Pam holding back her emotions? If you want to cry, freaking cry, Fancy New Beesley! That's what boyfriends are for!

Naturally, Pam decides to quit school (all of that work/money for nothing?!) and come back to Scranton, where she and Jim plan to live happily ever after. Gag me. I get that long distance relationships suck, but this is JAM - if anyone can stick it out, they can. To add insult to injury, Jim cooked up a little scheme while Pam was gone. He purchased a house for them without her knowing. And not just any house, his parents' house! Creepy 101. Granted, it was done out of love and his heart was in the right place, but shouldn't he have discussed such a major decision with his bride-to-be before jumping in head first? Again with the honesty thing. You aren't supposed to keep such important secrets in a relationship! It would be different if he bought her an amazing condo in Trump Towers, but we're talking your average single-family home in Scranton. What if Pam doesn't even like it?

Oh wait, of course she loves it! She thinks it's wonderful and fantastic and as always this sentiment is sealed with a kiss. The preteen writers strike again! What is next? A storybook wedding complete with a horse and carriage? Then Pam gets pregnant with twins - one boy and one girl, and they all skip off happily towards the sunset with little puppies frolicking at their side. Come on. To quote Maroon 5 (and I don't even like them!): "It's not always rainbows and butterflies/ It's compromise/It moves us along."

I'm just so over the lovey-dovey crap. They make the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle seem normal and healthy! (That's a whole different story in itself; do your own research on that one!) Bottom line: Let's go, Office writers, aka young adults. I want the passion. I want the pranks. I want the honesty. I want the sparks. Hell, I even want the awkward moments. I want JAM back!

Whew. I feel much better now. Fellow Office fans - do you agree with me, or am I just a cynical bitch? Maybe don't answer that last part.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Mama Brookie Guest Blog

After a rousing conversation about reality television the other day, I invited my friend Baby Mama Brookie to guest blog about said topic. What follows is a pretty good description of a typical reality show viewer - you get sucked in and then start to develop feelings (love, hate, pity, etc.) for these "characters." So please welcome our first (of a few?) guest blogs:

Hello all. This is Brooke stepping in to post a guest blog. Sorta like "celebrity shooter" in one of my fave games.....beer pong. Anyways, during a lovely lunch with 2 of my besties we got on the topic of reality shows. I am actually a really big fan of them and usually start out hating the show but somehow they brainwash me and I'm addicted. First, Jon & Kate Plus 8, hated it then loved it. Not really what I would do to my children but hey, its kinda entertaining. Next, I Love New York. Absolutely positively HATE her, she annoys the crap outta me and she is just such the ghetto fabulous bitch that she aimed to be, BUT I tuned in every week to watch. Weird. Stemming from that came Real Chance of Love....ADDICTED! They are too funny and the girls are soooo crazy. You can't help but laugh. Pretty much any reality show on VH1 is good in my book. Which brings me to Rock of Love. (side note: HATED Flavor of Love) "Middle aged rock star trying to find love with twenty-something groupies that want to make a name for themselves." What part of that doesn't SCREAM entertainment?! And then, we put them in Charm School. Lost cause. But again, fun to watch. I hated New York, was grossed out by Flav, very freaked out by Little People Big World, fell in love with sextuplets....and so on, but no one irks me more than Lacey from Rock of Love. What a BITCH. Her ugly ass is always taking credit for people going home. Now, I'll give her some of that on the original season....she did know how to play the game. However, on Charm School....come on wench, these girls eliminate themselves. It doesn't take much for slutty, dramatic, attention loving whores to show they don't have "charm". Sharon doesn't need your help! The only other girl on there that I really can't stand is Megan. Luckily for me, she was recently kicked out of Charm School. Well, thanks for letting me get my feelings of reality tv out there on SOOPERSERIAL!

Love ya!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flash Lights

I don't know if any of you watch Nip/Tuck, but if you do, here is the new promo... there are some other relevant ones out there, but this one is just artsy and freaky - which is the way I like everything.
Check it out:


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prop H8torade

Well I just realized I completely forgot to blog about the election pretty much... so to summarize, I am happy with the results and I voted for Mr. O. and he won and that's awesome.

But Prop 8... oh my dear Prop 8.
I was having a conversation with one of my friends this weekend about gay marriage. We have had this exact same conversation while eating cheese steaks in Philly (yay BFF), and we had it again a few days ago. To paraphrase:
ME: Can you tell me why you don't believe gay people should be able to get married?
*TIM: It's not the same as a man and woman getting married.
ME: WHY do you think it's different?
TIM: Because it's a man and a man, not a man and a woman.
ME: But you don't think that one couple in love should have the same rights and privileges as another couple in love?
TIM: No, it's different.
ME: Why?
TIM: You must not understand.
*Name changed to protect the ignorant.

That went on for an long time in a catch 22-esque manner. I'll personally let you all know right now that I'm an atheist, so I take all religious arguments as bullshit. If you take the religious angle out of it, I really don't understand why Britney and Kevin could get married but Ellen and Portia can't. It's absolutely ridiculous to me and I think in a few years we will look back on this as a "what were we collectively thinking?" thing. I just wish someone would give me a logical reason why gay couples shouldn't have the same rights to marry as straight couples, and so far no one has been able to give me one.
Anyway, Rich at FourFour (link in our Blogroll, he is awesome - check him out!) posted this video that is pretty much AMAZING, concise, reasonable, logical, and at the same time not completely void of emotion. If you have 6 and a 1/2 minutes, I strongly urge you to watch it, and if you think you don't have the time, you're a liar pants... just watch it.


Praise Be To XENU!!!

I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, and in the case of Tom Cruise and "Kate" Holmes, I was very, very wrong. From the get go, I figured this was just a publicity stunt (much like I thought the Ashton/Demi stuff was a publicity stunt - wrong again!) and would be over in like a hott minute. And while I still think their romance is really a fauxmance, I have to give them some credit for their efforts because today is their 2 year wedding anniversary. Good for them. I will be sending them a nice theton gift set to celebrate the occasion.
Unfortunately, Tom Cruise has been working his way up in my scorebook. He has been staying out of the public eye lately and was able to not be sooperserious about himself in Tropic Thunder. While I do love LOLing at his antics, I think it is better for him if he stays out of sight and out of earshot for a while; it makes people forget that he is so... just how he is.

So anyway, we here at Sooperserial want to wish the Cruise-Holmes family a happy anniversary. And I personally would like to bet that Tom will divorce her in approximately 7 years and 364 days... aka right before he is married to her for 10 years and property laws apply differently in the state of California... aka just what he did to Nicole.

Whatever happens, I will be rooting for you two crazy kids. Maverick + Joey Potter = sexy alien love.
P.S. I think Katie is broken, because she definitely doesn't smile the way she did in that picture anymore.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Checking In With Y'all

Hey readers. Again, we be sorry for not updating a lot. We're just busy hoes, ya knows?

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about The Pick-up Artist - that show on VH1. It is so ridiculous that I cannot even really stand to watch it...or even be in the same room while it is on. I could understand a show where they taught lovable losers to be more outgoing and socially acceptable, but the whole premise of this show could be summed up by saying: Women are dumb -even the loserest of losers can have sexual intercourse with super hott women if they say the right lines.

Uhhh... yeah, these women have to sign releases to be on this show. The only reason they talk to these guys is because A) They feel bad for them OR B) They want to get some screen time. They could potentially get to like these guys for their personality, but Mystery (the leader of this sad pack) doesn't really let them go off of their script. And what a mystery Mystery is. Here is a picture if you've never been graced with his image:

Seriously? Eyeliner, lip tattoo on the neck, a bona fide locket, a feather boa, kind of a reverse drag face (i.e. a girl dressing up like a guy)...and I could go on with the list of things that baffle me about him.

My point is, this show is crap and I don't like it.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Some sad news to report - one of my absolute favorite BBWs, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, has lost her mom and her brother in a double-homicide. Best wishes go out to her at this difficult time.

(PS: I kind of want to see The Secret Life of Bees, mostly just for her and Queen Latifah, who I also LOVE. If anyone else has seen it, let me know what you think.)


UPDATE: Unfortunately, according to multiple media outlets including CNN, they found a body that is likely to be J. Hud's nephew.
And even though I joke about lots of inappropriate things, I really think this is incredibly sad and am sending out vibes of sympathy to the Hudson family.


Weekend Update

So after an awesome shout out from Junior and many people telling us that we don't update for months at a time (not exactly true), I figured I should give a little update.
I have been busy doing lots of lame things like studying and cleaning/reorganizing my closet (and the whole time the Eminem song "Cleanin' Out My Closet" was stuck in my head). Yesterday, Lex and I attended the wedding of one of our closest friends. I have known Jamie and Andy since high school and they finally got married! Jamie also lived with Lex and me during our last year of college. Here is a picture of super hott bride & groom rocking out at the reception:

I will do a real blog entry sometime later this week, I promise!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He Can Rock My Vote Any Day...

This is the sexiest PSA ever made.
Hottest guy in the world, plus the topic of the PSA, makes this porn to me.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Hodge Podge of Things

Well, first thing's first...changed the blog layout. Made it a little hotter, I don't know if my co-author approves, so Lex, whatcha think?

Secondly, my 3 day raw food hell is over and went pretty successfully. The first day was bad, bad, bad. My roomies wanted to go out to dinner and since I'm an apparent masochist I went with them. My iceburg lettuce with tomatoes was not looking too good next to the soup and french fries that they ordered. But I think I kicked my caffeine habit and hopefully some junk food addiction, too. So, all in all, I think it's a good detoxing method, it just kind of sucks when you are doing it.

Thirdly, my television is broken. Le sigh. I have been keeping up with my programs online for the most part, so I think I'm all caught up. Proj Run - OMG Kenley go back to your tug boat!!! Leave H. Klum and Tim alone! I am going to be the next Chris Crocker making a "Leave Tim Gunn Alone" video. Someone should do that, for sers. Not me, though. That could get viral.

Fourthly, I saw "Burn After Reading" tonight. It was pretty good. Much different than their last film...which was good for me. I liked "No Country for Old Men," but I didn't lurrrve it. This was much more quirky and light-hearted. A thing that sort of messes with me in Coen brother films is SPOILER ALERT how main characters die very suddenly. It's very disconcerting sometimes. Someone in this movie dies, but I won't be sooperspoiler and tell you who it is.
***4(a) Saw a bumper sticker in the movie theater parking lot - "It's a child, not a choice." Ummm, I'm sorry is that on opposite of Supreme Court following precedent day?

And lastly...I MISSED THE VP DEBATE!!! Apparently Palin didn't do as badly as people thought, and that would have been my only real reason for watching it anyway, so I'm not too sad. I really like how she says she thinks people like her because they want "Joe Six-Pack" represented in the presidency. This is not a goddamned reality show where Larry the Cable Guy gets to be VP. I want someone smarter than me to lead this country...unfortunately, I haven't experienced that in 8 years...but that doesn't mean I still don't want it.

On all of those scattered notes, have a great weekend everybody. Sooperserial is off to eat some spaghets with our sorority sisters tomorrow because we are sooper cool like that.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Rehab

Over the weekend I ate/drank a disgusting amount of food/drink and by the time my roommate brought me home a milkshake at 10pm, I decided that I needed to detox thyself.

I remembered that Beyonce did a detox diet to prepare for "Dreamgirls" (when I went to type that, I typed "Mean Girls" at first, out of habit...), so I decided to research that. I learned that she completed what is called the "Master Cleanse," which basically consists of drinking water, lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper all mixed up...and also drinking laxative teas and drinking a salt solution to make you... um, go twosies. I thought this was kind of gross, but I love drinking things, so it might have been do-able. And, Beyonce did go from this to this:

But then I read about the...twosies. You basically have to stay by the bathroom for a long time or else you might poop your pants by accident. I am not the kind of girl who wants to poop her pants either by accident or on purpose. Also, I read that things like this could come out:

It's bad enough contemplating the fact that shit (literally) like that could be in my body as we speak, but I really doubt I could handle dealing with it up close and personal. F'n disgusting for reals. So needless to say, I decided against the Master Cleanse. I decided instead to raw food only detox for 3 or 4 days and hopefully that will get the cravings for caffeine and chemically enhanced food out of my system...and maybe I will go back to semi-veganism!
For those of you who don't know, raw food is food that is natural and has never been cooked...which means for the next few days I will only be eating fruits and vegetables pretty much. These foods are extremely low in calories and don't have any of the shit that I'm addicted to in them (i.e. caffeine, artificial sugar, etc.), so I am going to be a grumpy ass ho, most likely. If Alicia Silverstone can do this shit, well AS IF, so can I!!!
I will let you guys know how the detox went, whether you care or not!


TWSS: Blessing or Curse?

This morning I got to work and our internet wasn't working, thus leaving me unable to accomplish any important tasks like e-mailing, printing, and checking dlisted.com. I called the friendly people at Verizon Business DSL and was connected to the lovely Greta, who ultimately helped me to resolve this problem. This is how the beginning of our conversation went:

Greta: Hi, thank you for contacting Verizon Business DSL. This is Greta; how may I help you this morning?
Me: Yes, I got into the office this morning and our internet wasn't working.
Greta: I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully it won't take too long to get it up.
Me: (In my head) THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!
(Actually spoken) OK, great, thanks.

Does this make me immature? If so, blame Michael Scott. He's always left me satisfied and smiling.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Things Just Make Sense

These two married each other over the weekend. Makes sense to me.

It makes more sense than Ry's last serious girlfriend, Alanis Morissette. I love me some Jagged Little Ho, but seriously, him, god of abs, with this?

Congrats to Ryan and Scarlet... I'm willing to bet you are going to have children whose hotness rivals Shiloh & Co.'s.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Head of Skate

College Humor made this video in response to Matt Damon saying that Sarah Palin's nomination was like a bad Disney movie. This video is awesome because it actually looks like a trailer for a movie that Disney would make. Definitely brought the lolz.

UGH and again this would not work when I tried to post it. Here is the link for you all.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going Back to Philly

I love good television. I also love bad television, but I would say I love good television more. Good shows don't come around that often because the majority of American viewers like to feast their eyes on shit like "Two and a Half Men" and "King of Queens" and other garbage that's been done a billion times before. However, good programming is catching on, probably due to the success of The Office and those who fought before it (peace out Arrested Development). My newish absolute FAVORITE show is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's described as "Seinfeld on crack" and I think that is a good, semi-rudimentary description. It's the same basic dynamic of 3 guys and one girl who hang out consistently - appearing to not be able to form friendships with other people. The difference is Always Sunny is much, much more offensive. If you thought Seinfeld was bad when people were making out during Schindler's List, you might be turned off by people pretending to be retarded crackheads to get some welfare. However, if you loved all the risque things that Seinfeld had to offer, you will probably want to bang Always Sunny. I don't know that the show has incredible ratings (it's on FX, so it's not going to compare to anything on NBC or CBS, etc. anyway), but FX has ordered a 4th season which premiered last Thursday.
It's an amazing show, and I suggest you all get caught up on it!

http://www.hulu.com/ = sign up and you can watch shows for free.

Here is a cool Season 4 promo. I was having trouble posting the video, so you're going to have to do some work and click the link.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gay Jurassic Park

Happy Hump Day, hoes.
I love having Wednesdays off and I also love that my puppy has been really chill today and just taking naps left and right. She is also like sooo in love with ice cubes, it's hilarious. We give her an ice cube and she goes nuts and bats it around the kitchen - it keeps her occupied for like 20 minutes, which is awesome.

But anyway. So, when I was like 4 years old and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always tell them I wanted to be a fashion designer and a basketball player. There is so much wrong with that - like, how did I know what a designer was when I was that young? And there was no WNBA at that point, so I don't know where I would have been playing basketball at, but I digress. Anyway, I am doing neither of those things now, but I love living vicariously through all the hot hoes of Project Runway each season. I've been catching up during the marathon today and I looooove it. I even got one of my roomies hooked on the show because I watch it so freaking much. Today, I found a link that seems to be SPOILERLICIOUS. It appears to tell us who the final two designers are, and I think it could be right. Maybe it's just a mindfuck, though. Idk. If you want to spoil yourself, click here and check it out!


Saturday, September 13, 2008



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bail Bond Stores

More drama in them there Hills...
So for those of you who watch The Hills, let's discuss. I don't even really care about the whole "Speidi"/Lauren disagreements anymore because it's just boring at this point. I think it's kind of hilarious that Heidi's sister moved to L.A. because she doesn't really know how to act like she's being real yet (which Spencer and Heidi try to do - you can tell they plan some of their dialogue ahead of time). So it will be nice to see her grow as a reality show character, I suppose.
What I do think is interesting is the dynamic between Lauren, Lo, and Audrina. For those who don't watch, Lauren and Lo are best friends from way back, and Lauren and Audrina met when Lauren moved to L.A.; last season they shared an apartment. Well, this season, the 3 girls decided to all move in together - Lauren and Lo in the main house and Audrina in the guest house. It seemed like it would be a good move, with all 3 being close enough together, yet having enough space to be sane. It turns out that Lauren and Lo have gotten closer since moving in while Audrina feels like she and Lauren are growing apart. Audrina thinks that Lo is "super bitchy" and is the one that is making her friendship with Lauren turn sour. I think that's enough exposition to get you all caught up.
A few episodes ago, Lo decided to go talk to Audrina and see if they could make themselves be friends and Audrina said, "we're never going to be friends." Now, for someone who calls Lo "super bitchy," I think the pot needs to meet the kettle. Having already established that Audrina is actually the semi-bitchy one (i.e. talking behind Lo's back and refusing to even try to be her friend), I come to my next point. Audrina is super fucking boring. She never does/says anything funny, random, or interesting. All she does is talk about her life and she sounds confused a lot of the time. Lo, on the other hand, is my favorite character on the freaking Hills. Just last week, Lauren was suggesting they call "the bail bond store" to get information about jails and I was thinking "LOL, it's not a store" and then Lo said (tactfully), "umm, I don't think it's called a...store." She wasn't mean about it, she was just hilarious about it. I also respect Lo for being able to go talk to Audrina and try to figure things out and be friends. Lo is just honest and funny and that is why I love her and hate "Ceiling Eyes" (that's what Michael K calls Audrina... she does always appear to be looking up at the ceiling...).
One of my roommates, on the other hand, actually likes Audrina and hates Lo (but this is the same roommate who's favorite sextuplet on Jon & Kate + 8 is Hannah, so wtf?).



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Long-Winded 90210 Review.

I have nothing else to say. Come on, CW. It's not The OC, Gossip Girls, etc. None of those shows would even exist without BH 90210. And the five minutes of Brenda screen time was a slap in the face to all of us old folks who only tuned in to see her in the first place. It was boring, predictable, and horribly cliche. LAME. After Brenda's out, so am I.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stay Tuned.

It's the day everyone born between 1980-1988 has been waiting for: the premiere of the NEW 90210! I was a total BH addict in my tween days - I had the dolls, the perfume, the bangs!

When I first heard that they were re-doing 90210, I thought they would ruin it just like they do with every Hollywood remake. When I heard that Kelly and BRENDA were coming back, I certifiably freaked out. Brenda hasn't been on screen since 1994. 1994, people!

Look for my review tomorrow. The show was not released early for critics, so it's either bad, or REALLY bad, which means it's good.


Open Up Your Eyes

I love voting. Like seriously, if I was a dude, I bet voting would give me a boner. If you think that statement is disturbing, maybe find a different blog to read... Anyway. I have been really excited to vote for Obama for a long time now...like wayyyyy before any of you. However, now I don't really know if I want to vote for him anymore (because he hasn't really changed his ideas too much from before he announced he would be running and I think he should have more plans by now) and was interested in hearing McCain's pick for Vice President. Well, that wily old fart decided to pick a WOMAN as his running mate... wooooow. This was an interesting strategic move and perhaps a good one, but I think McCain is relying too heavily on the fact that a large percentage of women wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton. The thing is, Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. I don't think all the hoes in the world who supported Clinton are just automatically going to be like, "oooh that ticket has a vagine, I know who I'm voting for!" But I am majorly getting away from what I was actually going to write about.
I was going to tell you that there was a Desperate Housewives-esque rumored scandal involving Palin supposedly faking a pregnancy for her slutty daughter and passing the baby off as her own (pretending to be mama when she was really grandmama). So far, this doesn't look like it's true, BUT it has come out that her seventeen year old daughter is ACTUALLY pregnant now. Again, woooow. The reason that I think this is interesting is that Palin is one of those ignorant peeps who think that abstinence is the only bomb ass form of contraception. I mean, yes, abstinence is the only 100% effective birth control, but sometimes, oh sometimes, when you don't teach an alternative method, you end up with Juno Palin in your living room. What if Sarah-beara had simply told Bristol (yes, actually her name...) that it's better/safer/more meaningful if you wait, but if your skank instincts will not be silenced - use a condom or ask to be put on birth control. That's not so bad, is it? I think it's simply irresponsible for people to disallow knowledge and thereby allow children to get knocked up by children. It just makes me mad, yo.
So to all the parents out there who read this blog (umm crickets...), it would be nice if your kids listened to everything you said and didn't do sexy times when you didn't want them to, but it's probably better to teach them their options and remain open and supporting - that way they will come to you when they have questions or issues and they won't end up thinking that they're not pregnant just because they didn't see a stork.
On another note, I think it's whack that Palin accepted the VP nomination considering she knew her teenage daughter was pregnant - obviously the whole world was going to find about it since they heavily investigate candidates. What a wonderful mother.


P.S. - just in case anyone needs some info about their junk and how it works and how to make sure their junk doesn't make a fetus: Planned Parenthood.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogger's Block

I don't know what the frick to write to you guys about. I just added a blogroll with some great reading if you guys are getting sick of coming to our blog and seeing a shark staring you back at the top of the page. Check out their blogs - they make us laugh!

When American Idol comes back, we will be having a special guest re-capper, so that should be neato. So get excited to read the written word of Andrea.

I got a puppy, she is supacute.
Meet Marley Mariah Whitney the Dog (because she's chill, she's a diva, and sometimes she's a crackhead)!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shark Week!!!

"Live every week like it's Shark Week." -30 Rock

It is currently Shark Week, so I will not be able to focus on much else, i.e. my already-ignored blog.

Then we go on vacation next week (separately, but to the same city), so hopefully Lex can give us an update sometime this week.

We do love you all though.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Summer Summertiiiime

Hey readers, I totally feel bad that we keep leaving you hanging for weeks at a time with no new posts. We are truly horrible blaaaggers.

I have been working two jobs this summer so that I can blow my money on booze and tanning and Lex has been working hard at her job, which probably shouldn't be mentioned by name on here... oh who are we kidding - we all know she's the original whore from Whore Island!

So let's get interactive here, what has been the best thing you've done this summer? Leave it in the comments!


P.S. I watched the entire seasons of "Gossip Girl" in like two days earlier this summer, and I realized that we both do the "xoxo" thing, but I sweartogod I didn't steal it...I promise!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"What's left of your career now?"

I grew up loving, no, ADORING, Grease. Back in the day, I actually wore out one VHS copy from watching it so much. I overlooked its flaws (i.e. they literally throw around saran wrap for no reason during Greased Lightning) and embraced its triumphs, like the fabulous silver wigs during Beauty School Dropout. Because of Grease, I will always love musicals, no matter how tacky, melodramatic or unbelievable they may sometimes be.

With that being said, I HATED John Travolta in Hairspray. Every time I say that, people reply "But he was so good!" No, he really wasn't. I'm not by any means a Hairspray or John Waters mega-fan, but I stand firm in my belief that Scientology's #2 disciple (Tommy Girl being #1, of course) basically made a mockery of Divine's original character. He was supposed to play Tracy's mom, not some sort of over-the-top shebeast with a ridiculous and unbelievable voice. There's a difference between campy and cringe-worthy. It's like he thinks we're all just going to forget about Battlefield Earth because he put on a dress or two and pranced around.

Despite all of this, I'm on my way to owning all three of the newly-released Grease-inspired Barbies, as pictured. Only two more to go.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I LOVE: Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Jason Lee, and Xenu. Please don't come after me.
Grease is still the word,

Friday, July 4, 2008

God bless America - My home, sweet home.

Crack open an ice-cold beer and enjoy a grilled hot dog or two. And even if you're not from the US and A - use this as an excuse to drink anyway! Enjoy the day, everyone!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who the Frick???

Hey readers... or should I say "Hola?"
See that little map to the left? Those red dots represent where our readers are from. If you enlarge the map, you will see that they are mostly from Pennsylvania and Ohio (i.e. our home states). But who are all the other random people? I mean, I would have never thought we have international readers...
Soooo if you are reading this and you're not from PA or OH, introduce yourself and we will do a special blog for you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

TGIF: Kicking my dad's ass.

I have about 50 other things I could be doing right now, and I could think of 50 more constructive blog posts than this. But I don't care - it's Friday, and this is really effing funny to me, no matter how many times I see it. I'm mentally 12.

In honor of Father's Day weekend, here is little Stewie Griffin's dream of one day becoming a featured member of the Jackass entourage.

You're acting crazy out there!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Lex's Short and Spoiler-Free SATC Movie Review

Last night I was lucky enough to get tickets to a 7:30 sneak peek showing of the highly-anticipated Sex and the City Movie. After about 60 minutes of waiting in line, getting our purses searched for cameras, and laughing at those who "dressed the part" (seriously, we saw people in very fancy dresses and stilettos - have fun sitting for 2.5 hours in that), we finally were allowed to take our seats, and after NO COMMERCIALS AND ONLY ONE PREVIEW (that never happens!), the movie every girl (and gay guy) had been waiting for was about to begin.

So, how was it? As Carrie Bradshaw would say: "fabulous." It had its share of laughter, tears, fashion, and, of course, puns. Obviously I wouldn't take my boyfriend (any girl who drags her boyfriend along literally has NO FRIENDS) or my brother to see it, but fans of the show will love it. And normally I hate long movies, but the 2.5 hours went by very quickly. Finally, I felt that all of the ladies brought their A-game for the movie. I know that Carrie runs the ship, but all of the women really gave their best performances this time. Fans of the show: don't miss it.

(PS -And if you want spoilers, I support that, and will happily oblige. Do Carrie and Big finally walk down the aisle, or is that just a dream sequence? Is Charlotte finally pregnant? Does anyone die? Is Miranda really in dire need of a bikini wax? Leave a comment with your e-mail address and ye shall receive.)


Monday, May 26, 2008

Said with a stereotypical lisp......

I wonder why they never sold these when I was young enough for Happy Meals.

(Image courtesy of The Consumerist)

Happy Memorial Day,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I wonder how you say "crossword puzzle" in Japanese.

This is from last night's SNL episode, hosted by Steve Carell. It also features an awesome Ricky Gervais cameo. Enjoy!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Told you I'd be talking about it with myself.

If you watched last night's Office finale, were you as surprised as I am? If you didn't watch it, please do so here (for free with limited commercial interruption, courtesy of Hulu) so that I won't seem like such a loser. Speaking of losers, apparently last night Officetally crashed after so many people tried to log on after the finale's conclusion. Yes, I was one of them, but let's keep that between us.

PS - Pam, I have no sympathy for you. I've been waiting 5 1/2 years and still, nothing.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Happy Thursday, everyone! In honor of today being almost Friday, here's a fun list.

Lex's Top 3 Upcoming Events:

3. Tonight's season finale of The Office. Even the preview announcer guy knows it's going to be awesome. He knows we'll be talking about it tomorrow. I know I will - most likely with myself. SPOILER ALERT: There are none! I love spoilers, and NBC is keeping the plot for this super secret, so I honestly am going into this episode with no idea of what to expect.

2. The Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup victory:

1. The Sex and the City Movie! Here is my vision of what the future holds for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. And by "my vision" I mean "a video I stole from Funny or Die."

Happy Belated Birthday, Bea Arthur! She turned 85 on Tuesday. My grandma is also 85, but she is not nearly as cool as Lady Bea. I'm going to hell.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Chase

Oh Mtv, you have done it again. Another one of my Monday night gems is The Paper. From left to right in that picture (I think), is Dan, Adam, Cassea (back), Amanda Lorber (glasses), Alex, Trevor, and Giana.

Basically Amanda was named Editor-in-Chief by the newspaper advisor and all of those other bitches (except Cassea) are mad because they wanted it, too.

Amanda is clearly the star of The Paper (with Adam coming in a close second!). She is the Lauren Conrad of this show, serving as narrator and HBIC. I can't really explain Amanda to you, but just know this about her: she has inspirational quotes written on post-its hung on her wall, she talks to her dog frequently, and we see her doing yoga AND talking to her dog at the same time more than once. She's dramatic and different, and doesn't really seem to fit in with the majority of her paper staff.

The reason that this show is so great is the fact that it portrays bitchy teens as bitchy teens. Contrasting this with Laguna Beach's cast, which basically say "I don't like so-and-so, she's ugly," this show is SO MUCH BETTER. So far, I have seen all of the kids have a party and not invite Amanda, all of the kids go out to eat and not invite Amanda and then call her and passive aggressively insult her, and create a Wii character for the boxing game and then fight her... among other things. Call me crazy, but this seems to me to be more of a representation of how actual high schoolers behave...at least the ones that I know. This is a show about the super involved kids, which are fundamentally different than rich kids who don't do anything for school because they don't have to.

I feel slightly conflicted while watching the show because I see how mean these kids are being to Amanda behind her back, yet none of them (except drama queen Adam) will confront her about things to her face. On one level, I think their behavior is mean and wrong, and on another level I think it's hilarious and close to how I behaved in high school. I was on the newspaper staff and didn't like our editor-in-chief, and made her cry one day just because I didn't like her...I probably would do things differently if I had to do it over, but that's just what high school kids do... at least the high school kids I was hanging out with.

So to bottom line it: this show is awesome. You get to see cat fights, drama, and genuine teenage behavior. You might feel bad for Amanda, but I'm willing to bet she'll do fine once she gets out of high school and into some wonderful journalism program at the college of her choice.

Mtv's The Paper airs Mondays at 10:30 (after The Hills).



The Hills are Alive?

Hello to any readers that we may have left... which is probably none. My co-author doesn't even read this blog anymore. Sadness. Well, I am currently jobless, and in about a week if I don't have a job, I'm heading to McDonald's to take your order. In the meantime, I'm going to try to update Soop a lot so we can get our audience back.

Allow me to chat about The Hills. This show is addicting, yet so boring and lame at the same time. I watch the damn thing every week and I DON'T KNOW WHY. It's perplexing. Anyway, for those of you who have more brain cells than I do, here's a recap of the most major drama that happened over the past three and a half seasons: Lauren and Heidi moved to The Hills to go to school and start their careers. They dated guys, shared secrets, and had fun together. Pretty soon, Sir Douche-a-Lot (Spencer Pratt) sought out Heidi and began to date her so that he could be on the show. He began pitting Heidi against Lauren at every turn and Lauren was concerned that this crazy d-bag was messing with her friend. Heidi decided to move in with Douchey and around this time is when the trouble began. SOMEONE (i.e. at least Spencer, if not Spencer and Heidi) decided to spread a rumor that Lauren had a sex tape with Jason Wahler (also from Laguna Beach). Maybe she has said sex tape, maybe she doesn't, but telling everyone about it is not something that your friends should generally do. Heidi threw a housewarming party and invited Lauren, Lauren didn't show. Lauren later confronted Heidi at a nightclub and made it clear that she didn't want to be friends anymore.

I think I have gotten all of you non-Hills watching people up to speed.

Now, whatever whatever, it's reality television, and we obviously don't know exactly what happened, but lately I have been hearing that Lauren needs to just move on (apparently she didn't want Heidi and D'bag at the finale after party http://perezhilton.com/2008-05-13-she-did-it-again-4). Ryan Secrest called her "unprofessional" on his radio show (which I uhhh accidentally listened to online for 20 minutes). Maybe I'm just a stubborn ho, but if I were Lauren, I don't think I would be so quick to move on either. People are essentially suggesting that you should let someone close to you fuck with you and then if you remember it for too long, you're being unreasonable. I respectfully disagree - especially seeing as Heidi and D just went on Tyra within the past two weeks to rehash all their issues with Lauren.
So anyway, that's my piece on The Hills. If Lauren Conrad wants to hate on Speidi for the rest of her life - go for it. Forgiveness is overrated, and I'm sooper serial about that.
Okay, I love you guys for serious... uh for serial. Please start reading again, I promise we'll give you some quality updates in the near future... and leave comments!


P.S. the picture is Heidi and Lauren in better, less plastic days.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 4/20

We here at Superserial are very "green" friendly.
So toke it up if that's what you're in to. We don't judge.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Speedy Delivery.

I seriously can't watch/really even think about Mr. Rogers Neighborhood without tearing up. Admittedly, that's pathetic, but if you DON'T love Mr. Rogers, you are either a commie or Satan himself. In honor of what would have been his 80th birthday, Mr. McFeely (who still looks damn good for his age) is PERSONALLY requesting that we all zip up ourselves up in some sweaters on Thursday, March 20th. So, unless you're a doctor, a stripper, or any other occupation that would hinder you from getting your sweater on, you owe this to Mr. Rogers. I'm not kidding.

Trivia - Did you know Lady Aberlin herself played the Nun at the beginning of Dogma?

Trivia 2.0 - K. Smith is in town shooting a new movie and I saw him at the grocery store last week. No joke.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Luckily, no one died.

Hello, loyal readers (LOL). Long time no blog. I have been busy with work and travels, and work travels. I'm sorry I abandoned you. Please forgive me.

I have many awesome things I want to blog about when I have a little more time. I promise they will be amazing posts.

In the meantime, I would like to metion that recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Funny or Die comedy tour. It featured many awesome things: Will Ferrell riding a jazzy, Will Ferrell fighting ninjas, a Ron Burgundy appearance, several crazed fans dressed as Buddy the Elf, and so on. However, the MOST awesome thing about the show was the fact that WILL ARNETT WAS THE GUEST ANNOUNCER. Yes, I saw illusionist GOB Bluth in the flesh. I can die happy.

The second best thing about the show was that it introduced me to a new LOL-worthy comedian named Zach Galifianakis. Apparently I'm the last person on earth to not hear of him and/or think he's funny, but bear with me. He did a lot of "That's So Raven" jokes, which makes him A-OK in my book. Enjoy some of his humor below. Yes, I realize some of the delivery is a borderline Mitch Hedberg (RIP) impression, but it's still funny.


PS - Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Get laid and enjoy yourselves.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey Ya

Omg, I am freaking bored with all that's going on with the entertainment world at the moment. Britney is still a mess, and so is Amy Winehouse. Paris Hilton's brother followed in her footsteps and got a DUI this morning. He's only 18, so SOOPERSERIAL is suggesting we all keep our eyes out for future shenanigans from that one. The Grammy's occurred. Not that exciting. THE WRITER'S STRIKE IS OVER!!! That's amazing :)

I have a new obsession...the t.v. show LOST. If anyone wants to talk theories, I'm up for it (no spoilers!)

Nip/Tuck tonight was insaaaaane. Maybe I'll do a Nip/Tuck blog sometime devoted to the ridiculousness that show has amounted to.

SOOPERSERIAL wishes to congratulate a non-reader of ours, my friend Brooke, who just found out today that she is going to have a girl baby! I am going to tell her she has to read the blog from now on since I gave her this nice shout-out.

I am going to talk to Lex soon and make her post something good to get us back on track.

Love you all, faithful readers!


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Toxic Spears

Right now our beloved Brit Brit is in the hospital against her will. I hope she ends up getting some help and can turn back to the Britney we know and love. Lots of people are bickering with each other to be in control of her medical decisions, such as Osama "Sam" Lufti and her parents... honestly, I won't be surprised if Adnan and Kev get in on the "control Britney's life" game soon. Here is what I think needs to be done to "fix" Brit:

1. Put someone in charge of her that has nothing to gain from her. She has been her parents' cash cow for her whole life, Osama is her own personal Howard K. Stern, Adnan has sold photos of them, and Kevin is suing the shit out of her. I'm thinking we should let Brangelina adopt her. They are humanitarians, so they would love to help her, and they're always looking for new kids. They are already rich and famous, so they don't need Brit for any publicity.

2. Keep her out of the public eye for 6 months of so. During this time she can break her addictions to drugs and fraps (among other things) and work on getting back into shape for her music career (which can SO be resurrected, I have faith!). During this time, contact with her parents and her 3 leeching men will be prohibited as well.

3. During her time of being a Brangelina child and being in hiding, she can also work on writing her memoir. This will make her at least appear to be someone intelligent (she's obviously going to need a ghost writer, but people will ignore that). After her 6 months are over and her book is written, she can go on a book tour and give interviews out the wazoo. I think by then she will be able to tell who she should kick out of her life and who she should keep.

Does anyone know Brit? Tell her my plan and that I'm willing to do whatever I can to help!

xoxo (and this time that is directed to Britney, not our fabulous and loyal readers),