Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Would Love Rehab!

Today I feel like how I imagine Miss Amy Winehouse feels every day of her life. I've been studying/taking midterms for about 48 hours straight and only about 5 hours of sleep. I've never been on what they call a "bender" before, but if I had to guess, it kind of feels like this.

Apparently having a two year bender can't stop a hott bitch from being nominated for some Gram Grams. Amy did really well, garnering 6 noms for her vocal stylings - I am a fan of her' and FYI "Rehab" was my Myspace song wayyyy before the rest of you skanks even knew who she was. So congrats to you, Amy Winehouse!

I'm really torn about the Gramz this year because both of Jay-Z's ladies are nominated for Record of the year! It's Irreplaceable vs. Umbrella (vs. Rebab vs. What Goes Around vs. The Pretender). Out of B & R's jams, I honestly could not even tell you which one I like more. Tear. I wish everyone could win and we could bake cakes of sunshine and rainbows and...I don't even go to this school [mean girls].

Seriously, actually SUPER SERIOUSLY, the staff (lol) here at sooperserial wish all the Grammy nominees the best of luck, it's a great honor and basically the best you can do as a recording artist. You can check out the full list of Grammy nominees here.


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