Monday, December 3, 2007

GAY's Anatomy.

It's no secret that I loathe Grey's Anatomy (sorry, Lauren, and every other female who owns a television), but now I have yet another reason as to why I do. Katherine Heigl, one of the show's stars, is randomly calling her summer blockbuster Knocked Up "a little sexist."

WHAT? If anyone should be pissed about their portrayal in the film, it should be the men. They are basically shown as losers whose only goals in life are smoking pot and looking at porn.

Notice how she kept her annoying yap shut until AFTER she cashed her $300k paycheck. Like you never read the script before you shot the movie, jackass? What a greedy, fake, vain HO! This really irritates me. Time to walk away and count to ten.




coachman84 said...

Actors and actresses need to have their priorities straight:
1) Make the money.
2) Trash the work that made them the money.

Basically what Britney Spears is doing now. Instead of trashing her music, she is trashing-up herself.

Lauren said...

Hey Lex - I actually haven't watched Gray's Anatomy this season at all, so I'm not that offended. K. Heig is kind of whack and smokes too much.