Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Future of America

So I feel a little bad that I was making fun of N. Grace and her spawn because the thing is, I actually like babies. Not in a creepy way, but I just like when they say/do things that are hilarious because they don't know any better. To make it up to the spawn of Satan's spawn, I found 3 funny videos of babies, that I'm pretty sure will make you laugh. They are all under a minute, so you should probably just watch them all. Lex - I think you will like the last one the best, it has the requisite amount of sass for you.

#1 - Blood Baby

#2 - Monster baby

#3 - Sassy Penis Baby

Hope you enjoyed these!



Lex said...

Yes, I absolutely loved the last kid the most. I hate kids but I love him and his sass. "He was injured!"

Becky said...

Well he is going to kick my ass...that kid was great!