Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fergie Ferg Post

Stacy Ann Ferguson is one of my favorite people in this world; I have loved her since her early days in the Black Eyed Peas. I heard her sing live on Letterman or Leno one time and my love was slightly disturbed because she must have A LOT of help in the studio to make her sound the way she does on the radio and such. Since I've apparently only been interested in writing about female singers lately, I figured I would show Fergie some love. To start this love fest, I looked to my soulmate, Wikipedia and learned the following, perhaps lesser known, facts:

1. Fergie is an Aries (3/27/1975...which makes her exactly 9 years older than Lex).
2. She is Mexican and Native American.
3. She was raised Catholic.
4. Fergie was a girl scout.
5. She used to <3 crystal meth.
6. She peed herself on stage one time and was totally cool with it (see pic).

The following video is a good example of the essence of Fergie. When she starts out singing, she sounds like crap, then she somehow manages to pull it together, and then ends the performance by distracting you from her singing. It's a decent performance of a great song. Check it out here:

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Lex said...

Fergie, Mariah Carey and I all have the same birthday. Three great divas!