Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Watch out for Vigo, Trump.

I was going to post an awesome mash-up of the Britney Spears/Bobby Brown versions of "My Prerogative," but I came across something much, much better on YouTube: the music video for Bobby Brown's "On Our Own," the theme song for Ghostbusters II. Yes, it is slightly depressing to see that glimpse of a young and healthy Christopher Reeve, but the rest of the video definitely makes up for it.

Sidenote: Still waiting on that Ghostbusters III. Any day now, Bill Murray.


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Davey Boy said...

Maybe Bobby Brown will record a new theme for "Ghostbusters Tres: Ghosts en Espana" It could be called "Es la Prerogativa de Mi"... Because in my head I suddenly decided I wanted the new Ghostbusters movie to take place in Mexico, so there is lots of Tequila and hot Mexican ladies!