Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Lovin'

I can't believe summer is almost over. I have no idea where the time went. SERIOUSLY! Where did it go? I feel like I haven't been home since..... May? So, where have I been?

Well, in May and June I took some graduate school classes that almost put me to sleep.

I also worked REALLY hard at my job preparing for a conference I went to in July. I was in charge of some super important stuff and it was pretty hectic and stressful. I was there for eight days. It doesn't sound like a long time, but trust me, it was. On the plus side, my BFF from high school happens to be living in said town where the conference is held so we got to hang out at some pretty sweet local bars where they only charge $1.50 for beers. So I spent a lot of the time looking like our friend Lindsey.

I also took a few trips to visit my better half and I also went on a fun trip to New York City, too. Where I spent way too much money. And before I knew it, it was the end of August. So that's my summer in a nutshell.

As for Lauren, she graduated from Law School (YAY!) and went to the beach. So everyone congratulate her, or else.

What did you guys do? Keep it clean, this is a family blog.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best MJ Tribute Thus Far

In the two weeks since his sudden passing, there have been countless amateur and professional Michael Jackson tributes released. I'm not even going to attempt to list them all - I'm sure you can find them if you're interested. However, I did want to share this one from Sweden, because it is both poignant and awesome in terms of overall scope. I know that if something like this was even attempted in such a public area in the US, the cops would shut it down in about .05 seconds.


Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP, Michael Jackson

When I first started receiving texts last night about Michael Jackson's death, I wrote them off as one of those internet rumors that spread like wildfire (i.e. Urkel died, Screech died, etc.), but then when I heard people on the radio confirming it during my drive home from work, I was simply stunned.

I never got to see him live, and now I never will, which I deeply regret. I just hope his children are placed in a home where they receive the love and support they need right now.

There's not much else to say. I was trying to think of my favorite Michael song, but there's just too many. This one seems appropriate, given the media insanity surrounding his family right now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions: The Pittsburgh Penguins!

I think it was all of those lucky Qdoba meals I ate. Or at least I'd like to think so.

Victory parade's on Monday. Of course I'll be missing work to attend!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is my new desktop background

At work, nonetheless. Is anyone surprised?

I like this new, salt and pepper Rob. It's distinguished.

I need a life.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Self-Inflicted Groundhog Day

Tonight is a pivotal game in the Stanley Cup finals between the reigning (and lame) champions Detriot Red Wings, and Sooperserial's beloved hometown Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins are down 2-1 in a best-of-seven series, and tonight's game at home is essentially a must-win situation.

In addition to praying for at least 5 minutes before the game (not kidding), I had the idea of basically Groundhog Day-ing (yes, it's a verb now) myself and trying to do exactly everything that I did on Tuesday, when we won game #3 at home. So, what do I need to do in order to repeat Tuesday?

-Go to work: Check
-Write TPS-esque reports for 8 hours: Check
-Drive to school after work: Check
-Park in the same spot in the same parking garage: Check
-Go to class for 2.5 hours: Check
-Stop at Qdoba for dinner............. RECORD SCRATCH

Hold the phone. Qdoba?! The SAME place where Penguins coach Dan Bylsma eats a lucky burrito before every game? My stop on Tuesday was completely random. This was seriously my train of thought: "I have 25 minutes left in the garage before my parking fee goes up. I might as well stop somewhere for dinner, because I hate all of the food I have at home." I was going to go to McDonald's (classy, I know), until I saw a line almost out the door, so Qdoba it was. Little did I know that I was contributing to some serious Stanley Cup magic.

So you'd better believe, that even if I don't have time left in the garage today, I will be stopping at that exact Qdoba and ordering the exact same meal as Tuesday. And when I get home tonight, I will sit in the exact same spot on the couch and wear the exact same outfit I wore while watching Tuesday's game.

And since it can't hurt, here is a tribute to the all-around awesome Evgeni Malkin. Russian dance breakdown!

Let's Go Pens,

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It all comes down to this. Who will it be? Adam the crazy, fearless rocker or Kris the warm, friendly musician?

They are both talented (I know I said Adam was talented), but only one can win. Now, if you are a true American Idol fan like I am, then you probably check like yours truly! If that’s the case, then you know they are predicting Kris to win tonight, and they have been correct on their predictions for the last four seasons. Some say this would be an American Idol upset, I say it would be cool. In any case we will know for sure in two hours! Enjoy the following review I typed up as I was watching the show, and remember - it’s all just my opinion, nothing serious. And once again, thanks for reading!

I want to start by stating that I believe the group numbers are lame. I have always thought that, and they always look like the most awkward part for the contestants. That is probably why I have never been to an American Idols Live Tour, and I am a pretty big American Idol fan. The cheesy dance moves and terrible song arrangements are just too much for me to handle. I really can’t stand them. That being said, I did not think highly of the group numbers tonight. The only decent one was the one with Carlos Santa. It's also not good when the contestants sound better than the artist they bring on to do the group numbers. (Like Fergie for example, she sounded terrible when she sang by herself). Rod Stewart sounded good, but is it me or does he look really, really old?

And what is with these "Golden Idol" awards? I thought they would be over these and not be doing them this year. I guess I was wrong. I knew Bikini girl would be on here again. I though it was hilarious what Kara did to her and that she pulled off her dress. That was by far the funniest Idol moment for me. Of course I knew Norman would make another appearance and we all knew Tatiana would be back. All three awards were funny, but really not necessary and could have eliminated about 45 minutes of a two-hour finally.

There were some really good duets tonight and there were some not so great ones. Starting the duets off was Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds, and they sounded great. It was actually the first time I liked Lil Rounds and the first time she actually looked comfortable on stage.

Another great duet was Kris and Keith. I mean Kris had to be freaking out about that one. Come on, Keith Urban is an amazing guitar player and for Kris (who is also a guitar player) to play with him, that had to be an amazing experience.

I thought having her duet be with Cyndi Lauper cheated Allison. I just would not have paired those two together. Unexpectedly, it sounded pretty good.

Danny’s duet with Lionel Ritchie was awesome. I (and my boyfriend as well) thought that Danny sounded amazing. We both agree that he was voted off to early and my boyfriend actually picked him as the winner from his audition. I hope Danny gets a record deal!

And, of course, Adam's duet was too over dramatic for my tasting. I was shocked by what he was wearing. I give him props for not caring what others think about him. I wish I were fearless like that. I am also shocked that KISS was on American Idol. It’s amazing how much this show has changed since it first started. And I just want to note that it was totally random to see Steve Martin play an instrument seriously.

Which brings me to my final conclusion that America voted two totally different contestants into the season finally. They are both extremely talented and very different artists, and tonight was the most versatile American Idol finale ever. There was a nice mix of music and talent, although it wasn’t necessary for it to be two hours long, it was overall a great show.

(SPOILER ALERT) That being said - I am thrilled the title went to Kris Allen! I think his voice is ready for radio and that he will do fairly well with this win. Adam will most definitely have a career after Idol, and I am thinking it will be Broadway. Regardless, have no fear - he will not be forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews this season, and I can’t wait till January next year when I can start writing them again for you. Have a fantastic summer, and hopefully you will check in with me next season. Who knows maybe I will be on American Idol and can write a behind the scenes blog for you all to read! You never know!


(Editor's Note from Lex: On behalf of Lauren and myself - THANK YOU, Andrea for doing these recaps! We really enjoy having you here on Sooperserial, and we're already looking forward to next season. You are amazing! And just in case you missed last night's announcement of the winner, you can watch it below.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idol: Part 1 of the Finale

The final two - Who will be left standing?

Okay, so I would have never guessed this season would come down to these two contestants. It’s a surprise finale for me. But, I am always excited to hear the tunes each week on American Idol. The contestants will be performing three songs tonight. YAY, I am excited! Enjoy my review tonight, and I will also write a major review tomorrow night, so be prepared for that. It will be a recap of the entire finale, and I can’t wait! Anyway, enjoy the review, and I can’t wait until they post where they will be auditioning this summer.

Song 1: "Mad World"
Since we already heard him sing this song, there isn’t much to say about it. He sounds okay, but I guess I’m more concerned with what he is wearing, so dark and dreary. He is creeping me out tonight with his look and outfit. Nothing special for me so far. He will need to up the game in the next two songs.

Song 2: "Change is Gonna Come" (Simon's choice)
Wow, his look isn’t creeping me out on this song. He looks good, but I'm not sure if I would have picked this song for him. I don’t like this on his voice, and I’m actually confused as to why Simon Fuller picked it. He makes funny faces when he sings. Not so sure about that song for Adam tonight.

Song 3: "No Boundaries" (co-written by Kara, who happens to be an amazing song writer)
I can tell from the start that I am not going to like how Adam sings this song. This song doesn’t fit his voice, as is what usually happens with these Idol songs. Yeah, not a good song for his voice at all - I actually feel bad for him. I hope America doesn’t take this song into much consideration when voting tonight, because I’m pretty sure both contestants are going to sound bad on it.

Song 1: "Ain't No Sunshine"
I loved when he did this song before, and it’s a great song choice for him tonight. He looks great and sounds great tonight. Once again, it’s hard to say much since they already sang these songs on the show. I love that he played the piano as well and changed it up a bit from the first time he performed it on the show. He and Adam are so different. I have no idea how America is going to vote. Wow, Kara is really getting into the judging tonight.

Song 2: "What’s going on" (Simon's choice)
Great song for Kris. Good choice! He sounds great and I like that he is playing the guitar. He is really showing his talent tonight. Adam and Kris are so different. I don’t know how this season is going to end, but I know I am voting for Kris tonight. He is just amazing me tonight with each song. He is one truly talented guy. I guess Simon cant appreciate something stripped down and NOT over dramatic.

Song 3: No Boundaries (Kara’s song)
I was hoping he would play the guitar on this song, but I kind of figured he wouldn’t because Kara wrote it. He sounds much better than Adam did on this song. This song would do well on the radio if Kris released it because it just didn’t fit Adams voice at all. I will be voting for Kris tonight!

Well, it was an interesting night tonight and I feel that both contestants did fairly well this evening. I have no idea who is going to win but I know that I am voting for Kris Allen. Stay tuned for my biggest review of the season tomorrow night (or Thursday morning depending on when I get it all typed up!)


(Editor's note from Lex: I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the show Glee last night. Anyone else? Also, please enjoy this video of a very.......different Adam Lambert singing "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" at his high school graduation.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol: Showdown of the Final Three

So, I almost didn’t write a review tonight, because I am so upset my girl Allison did not make it. However, I realized that I couldn’t stop writing just because my favorite is out, so I have put together a little review for you. Enjoy the review below and I will be back for my final recap next week - I cant believe its almost over! I’m anxious to find out where they will be holding auditions for next season, and I am hoping I can make it out to them. Anyways, enjoy and be sure to come back next week for the finale!

1. Danny
Song Choice 1: "Dance Little Sister" by Terence Trent D'Arby (Paula’s choice)
Song Choice 2: "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker (his own choice)

The first song was interesting, but I didn’t expect anything less from Paula Abdul. It's different, and I think Danny sounds good on it. I think the band overpowered him a little but he sounded great on the first song!

The second song that Danny picked I think was an awesome choice for him. The way he changed it up sounds great! He gave it his own little touch and it sounded great! I think he is definitely moving on to the final round.

2. Kris
Song Choice 1: "Apologize" by OneRepublic (Kara and Randy’s song choice)
Song Choice 2: "Heartless" by Kanye West (his own choice)

Great first song choice, but I don’t know if Kris can pull it off. I like that he is showing how talented he is by playing another instrument at the piano. I think throughout this competition he was overlooked a little and he is actually extremely talented. Kris sounded pretty good on the first song!

Okay, Kris’s second song choice is a strange one - I am worried about how this will work out for him. I am thrilled he is playing the guitar. It definitely shows his talent. Great arrangement, I hope this puts Kara in her place for that comment on the first song. He is brilliant, and I think he deserves to go to the final round. I might have to vote for him tonight!

3. Adam
Song Choice 1: "One" by U2 (Simon's choice)
Song Choice 2: "Cryin'" by Aerosmith (his own choice)

OMG I hate U2 - they have to be one of my least favorite bands in this world and now my least favorite Idol is singing it, great. I don’t get why people like him at all. He sounds terrible in my opinion. I am concerned that my understanding of music has been misguided or something because I hate him so much. The hype over Adam has got me all kinds of confused. Sorry guys, I just don’t get it.

Okay, totally my favorite Aerosmith song, and I’m pretty sure he is going to ruin it for me. I can’t even comment on him anymore because I will have all of his fans wanting to kill me. I will just say that I hope he does not make it to the finals.

Who do you think will make it to the finale? Make sure to leave your comments!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock on, American Idols!

So it's Rock and Roll Week on American Idol - this should be exciting. What I was expecting out of some of the contestants tonight, I did not get. The performances were way more boring than I thought they would be. I was hoping for some of the contestants to shine a little more this week since rock and roll is such a great category, but some of the song choices were strange. It will be interesting to see what happens Wednesday night. Enjoy the review and please don’t hate me for my opinion!

1. Adam
Song Choice: "Whole Lotta Love," Led Zepplin

Okay Adam looks scary, and I don’t like the song choice. He could have done so much with this week, and I think he chose a song that did not do it for him. I know, I haven’t been a supporter of him, but this week he really didn’t do as well as I expected him to do. I thought it would be a standout performance for him and to be honest, I didn’t like it at all. His screechy voice and his ability to always look like a freak is starting to weird me out.
(And sorry, Randy, but I still thought Broadway when I saw him, because he is way too dramatic and over the top!)

2. Allison
Song Choice: "Cry Baby," Janis Joplin
I love her! I really want her to make it to the finals in this competition. She looks awesome and sounds awesome tonight! This is a great song! A little boring in the middle, but she sounds great. I thought she could have picked a different song to showcase her rock side more, but overall she sound good. Not my favorite performance from her, but it was pretty nice. Could have been edgier but it was good vocally, but still a little disappointing for me.

Duet number 1: Danny and Kris
Song: "Renegade," Styx
Uh, why the hell is Idol doing duets?! I am not so sure what is happening here. Kris and Danny actually sound good on this song. Kris hit a few bad notes and Danny sounds great when he hits is higher notes. It was different and interesting. I think they should leave this out next season, though. There was really no point in having them do duets.
(Editor's Note: Click here for my personal favorite version of this song! It fills my heart with so much joy.)

3. Kris
Song Choice: "Come Together," The Beatles

Interesting song choice since I don’t consider it to be rock and roll, but whatever. Haha - he said he wanted to pee his pants in his video clip about meeting Slash. That was funny! Kris sounds great tonight! I really like how he took a genre that wasn’t really his and chose a song that he could make sound more like him. It showed how talented of a musician he is. It’s a shame because most Americans won't pick up on that and we will lose a great talent. Not only is he one of the best voices in this competition, but you can tell he is also a talented musician, and knows how to stay true to his musical style.

4. Danny
Song Choice: "Dream On," Aerosmit
Oh, Lord. I am nervous for him. This is a difficult song to sing - all of Aerosmith songs are. I am not sure if he can pull it off. He sounds good, but you can tell he is definitely not rock and roll. That last note was a little off for sure, but it was a nice try. Not one of my favorite performances from him, but I think his fan base will save him this week.

Duet number 2: Allison and Adam
Song: "Slow Ride," Foghat

Allison sounds great on the duet, and Adam is, of course, way over the top. But overall, I guess they sound good together. I just don’t like that they did this duet thing. It's not that exciting, and they ended up going over on time again. I am going to have nightmares of Adam's screeching vocals all night now. Wow, he is annoying me more and more every week.

Bottom two: Okay so I am guessing on a bottom two this week because I don’t know if I can pick three. I am going to say that Kris and Adam will be in the bottom two with Kris going home. I know you all might think I am crazy for putting Adam there, but I just think he may have disappointed some of his fans this week. I guess we will see. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idol: Songs from the Rat Pack Era

I was prepared for this night to be boring, because I am expecting these songs to be all slow and boring, and for the most part, I was right. Of course, all of the songs were ballads, and most of the contestants made them sound somewhat boring. But you have to remember, the contestants don’t pick the themes, so they are forced to pick the best songs out of a particular era. I am not sure why they chose this era, but I can promise that I will faithfully write my review. Below you will find my review and who I believe will be in the bottom three. Thanks for reading!

1. Kris
Song Choice: "The Way You Look Tonight"
Interesting song choice for him, and I think he will do it justice. He has a great voice and has great control over his vocals. I hope he goes far and really uses this show to start a music career for himself. He is someone I could hear on the radio, like a John Mayer kind of vibe. Good job tonight!

2. Allison
Song Choice: "Someone To Watch Over Me"
Another interesting song choice, but I think she will rock it. I know I say it a lot, but I can’t believe she is only 17 years old. She has such control and presence on that stage.
I think her version was a little boring, but you can tell she has major vocal ability. I really didn’t think she was going to pull that off, but it was pretty darn good! Great job tonight!
P.S. I love her dress!

3. Matt
Song Choice: "My Funny Valentine"
This will be a good week for Matt, and I am glad he chose this song. I am interested to see how he changes this one up. I don’t like the beginning. He doesn’t sound like himself. He isn’t performing as well as I expected him to. It's actually quiet boring, and I predict he will be in trouble this week. There were parts of that song that were not great, and I agree with Randy on the song not coming together.

4. Danny
Song Choice: "Come Rain or Come Shine"
Good song choice and Jamie was funny in his clip. I think Danny will do well on this song tonight, and I’m right cause he sounds great. Vocally he sounds great! One of his best performances so far in this competition!

5. Adam
Song Choice: "Feeling Good"
I’m interested to see what he does this week, and I am sure he will NOT do something slow and boring. Okay, so vocally he is good but in my opinion, he just comes off cocky, and I hate that. Also, I just want to point out that if he made a record, it would not get radio play. So therefore, I hate that the judges give him so much praise when he will be one of those contestants that ends up on Broadway (where I believe he belongs) and not on the radio. It's not that I don’t think he is talented. I just don’t think he is what American Idol is all about. So there, it took me some time to finally put into words why I don’t like him but there it is.

Bottom three: Matt, Allison (although I don't think she deserves to be in the bottom), Kris.

I'm thinking Matt will be going home, but I actually am not sure about that this week. I wouldn't be surprised if who I have as the bottom three is a little different. I think its a tough competition this year and each contestant has lots of fans. I cant wait to find out though!


Monday, April 27, 2009

"40 ounces, 40 calories, son!"

If you are a Vh1 fan, please watch the following video. It's a modern-day version of The Odd Couple, starring I Love New York 2/I Love Money 2 stars It and Tailor Made. It's amazing. That's all I can say. Spin-off, please, Vh1!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

RIP, Bea Arthur

I have some sad news. Bea Arthur, my favorite of the four Golden Girls, has passed away today at the age of 86. Thanks for all of the laughs, Bea. I'll still watch you every day. May you rest in peace.

Thank You For Being a Friend,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grey Gardens: The Best Costume for the Day

I love the 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, about the unforgettable mother and daughter duo, Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale, relatives of Jackie O.

For those not familiar, Big and Little Edie had been cast aside from their wealthy socialite family and once their trust fund money ran out, they were left to survive in absolute squalor in what was once a giant, beautiful 28-room mansion in New York's wealthy East Hamptons. With the house literally in shambles, the women virtually lived without any standard plumbing, heat, or electricity, and various animals (dozens of cats, raccoons, etc.) treated the dilapidated home as their own private bathroom.

Eventually, the county declared the home unfit for human habitation, and the Edies were told to shape up or ship out, literally. When the story became public, Jackie O and her husband, Aristotle Onassis, ponied up the cash to ensure that Grey Gardens met the county's standards. In 1975, documentary filmmakers Albert and David Maysles took on the daunting task of filming these eccentric women, who never left the house, and the result is cult classic history.

I can't really explain Grey Gardens to someone who hasn't seen it. You really have to see it to believe it. These two women fight constantly, yet love each other dearly. They're both hilarious and sad, and the movie has a plethora of quotable lines. It was even adapted into a Broadway musical a few years ago. It's a beloved film that will continue to be popular, regardless of its age.

This is why I was highly skeptical and extra nervous when I found out that HBO was doing their own take on the story of the Edies, starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Yes, the same Drew Barrymore from every lame romantic comedy ever, except for the ones with Reese Witherspoon. However, I got the chance to watch the film this weekend and it was much better than I expected. It's not simply a remake of the documentary (which would have been completely pointless and borderline insulting), but it follows the Edies throughout four decades of their strange lives. Jessica Lange is spot-on as Big Edie, and Drew Barrymore held her own as well. It's tough to nail Little Edie's unique "accent" without it coming off as a cheap parody, but Drew did her justice. While nothing will be as touching, bizarre, and fun as the original, the HBO version sheds new insight into the lives of Big and Little Edie, and as a fan of the documentary, I enjoyed it.

Do yourself a favor and watch the original, and then the HBO versions of these films. You won't regret it. I've also posted a classic clip of Little Edie discussing one of her famous daily "costumes," and the trailer for the HBO film.


Idol: Disco Fever!

So this week was disco week on Idol, and it’s also going to be 7 contestants instead of 6, since last week the judges saved Matt. I will admit I am upset that I had to miss the judges actually use their judges save. From what I hear it was a pretty crazy and overly dramatic night last Wednesday on Idol - and I missed it to sit in the rain at a Pirates game! (Don’t worry, the dollar hot dogs were worth every raindrop hitting my head!) At any rate, here is my review of Disco Inferno, and I will say the contestants came out in full force tonight! It was an interesting and enjoyable show tonight. I hope you enjoy the review, and please leave comments as I actually check back and read them! Thanks guys!

1. Lil Rounds
Song Choice: "I’m Every Woman"
Artist: Shaka Khan
I think week after week Lil gets progressively worse. The version of this song and they way it was cut was terrible and did not showcase her voice at all. Not only did she sound terrible but she looked terrible as well - what on earth was she wearing? She should probably go home. They gave her too many shots. Wow Kara was harsh tonight, and I agree with what Simon said about it being “a mess.”

2. Kris
Song Choice: "She Works Hard for the Money"
Artist: Donna Summer
Strange song choice but I really like what he did with it. Comparing him to what Lil just did before him is like apples to oranges. Kris is doing exactly what he should be doing - taking a song and arranging it to make it his own. Great performance from Kris tonight, and I agree with what the judges are saying!

3. Danny
Song Choice: "September"
Artist: Earth, Wind and Fire
Never thought he would pick this song. He sounds pretty good. When he goes into his upper range he sounds his best. When he is in the lower range, not so much. But he sounds pretty good tonight. I think the other contestants are overshadowing him and he may need to step up his game soon. I am worried he is playing it too safe and he may need to spice it up next week with something different.

4. Allison
Song Choice: "Hot Stuff"
Artist: Donna Summer
Oh, I like how she started the song with a very bluesy/sexy kind of vibe. I like the arrangement she put together and how she sang it. Seemed a little slower but a nice change. I think she is overlooked and deserves to go far. I still can’t believe she is only 16 years old. How do you have that much stage presence and that much of a voice at 16? CRAZY! I agree with Simon, and I think she will last longer than what other people are predicting.

5. Adam
Song Choice: "If I Can't Have You"
Artist: Yvonne Elliman
Sorry, I still don’t like him, personally. I expected him to sing something faster and funkier, especially for disco night. He sounds good but not his best I don’t think. It seemed like he wasn’t hitting all of his notes and it was way too indulgent for me. The judges must be so bored with the other contestants that they just give him so much praise. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

6. Matt
Song Choice: "Stayin' Alive"
Artist: Bee Gees
He sounds great - excellent choice for him! I really like how he arranged the song to fit him vocally. He really sounds great this week. I truly hope he sticks around some more. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin so much from a few seasons ago. He looks great tonight, too. Good for him, because he really brought it tonight. I totally disagree with what Simon said about his performance - he was brilliant tonight!

7. Anoop
Song Choice: "Dim all the Lights"
Artist: Donna Summer
He sounds pretty good tonight. I like when he sings the slower songs. They really show off his range. Strange song to pick for disco night, but its working with his voice. It was somewhat boring and the last note was off. I am not sure how America is going to vote but I have a feeling he may be in trouble this week considering two are going home.

Bottom three: Well, I have no idea who is going home this week since it will be two contestants. My guess and my hope is that Lil is leaving. I can’t even guess as to who the other contestant will be, but I’ll take a shot. I’m thinking it’s going to be Lil, Matt and Anoop, with Lil definitely leaving. That’s all I've got for tonight so enjoy and let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's go to the movies! ....Or just watch Idol do it.

I thought the cinema theme was a little odd for Idol tonight. I also thought it was odd that they had Quentin Tarantino as the mentor - what the hell does he know about singing and music? I mean, I guess he includes songs in his movies, but does he really know that much about music? I don’t know, I’m not convinced, and I’m a little confused. I can tell already that Adam will have a great week since it’s a director for a mentor and he is over dramatic every week. One thing I hated about this week for sure was how they didn’t allow the judges to talk for every performance. The whole point of the show is to hear what Simon is going to say after each performance. They better change that one next week. Below you will find my review of each performance.

1. Allison
Song Choice: "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing"
Artist: Aerosmith
I love this song, and I love her! I’m surprised she is going with slower songs but it works for her. She doesn’t sound that great this week, and I’m surprised because I really like her. It would be a shame if she went home too early in this competition. Yes, and the judges love her! And just for the record - from the moment she auditioned, I said she was going to make it the finals (and actually I said she would win the entire show), so if that happens then I will say I told you so.

2. Anoop
Song Choice: "Everything I do, I do it for you"
Artist: Bryan Adams
Great song! He is another one that is doing all these slow songs for some reason now. Oh, and he pulled an Adam had a colored spotlight! He sounds great, and this is just a great song choice for him. I like his arrangement of the song. He really went with all the in your face sections of the song and it worked in his favor. He sounded great on all levels. Although I am wondering what the heck he is wearing.

3. Adam
Song Choice: "Born to be Wild"
Artist: Steppenwolf
I really can’t comment on Adam anymore, because I have this strong hatred for him. He is just too dramatic for me. Although I will admit, and this is the first time I will say anything positive about him so prepare yourself - you would definitely get your money’s worth if you paid to see him in concert someday. He is somewhat entertaining, but way too over the top for Idol in my opinion. He is pure 80’s rock and roll and if you like that thing, then great for you. Not so much for my old school country heart.

4. Matt
Song Choice: "Have you Ever Really Loved a woman?"
Artist: Bryan Adams
This song makes me cry it is so great. I know, I am a dork. But this is a great song choice and a great choice for him. LOVE this song. He didn’t change it much or make the song his own, but it was still pretty good. Vocally he was a little off there towards the end, but it was an all right performance for him. He has done better, but he was still good. He may be in trouble this week.

Song Choice: "Endless Love"
Artist: Lionel Ritchie
Great song choice, and he seems really into it. Perfect song for his range - can he sing me to sleep every night please?! However, I don’t like him without glasses for some reason. He looks too serious. He also looks sad this week, like Simon said, as if the song has a lot of meaning for him. He sounds great every week, and I’m cheering for him!

6. Kris
Song Choice: "Falling Slowly"
Artist: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
I have never heard this song before, so I am interested to see how this goes. The song is a little boring, but it fits his voice and you can tell he is really into it. It might be a little low for his range in some parts. I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this performance, but he sounds great. I thought that was really brave and he pulled it off. I agree with Kara, it was one of his best performances in terms of proving he is as an artist. Great job, Kris!

7. Lil
Song Choice: "The Rose"
Artist: Bette Midler
Of course they would give her the pimp spot, since they want her to win. She bores me, and I wish she would leave soon. Of all songs, why would she pick this one? She is not hitting all of her notes and is trying too hard, causing it to sound terrible. This may be her last week, hopefully. I love how Simon rolled his eyes, and I totally agree with what he says. Lil was not good tonight and with the competition being so tight talent wise, she will probably go home.

Bottom three: Matt, Kris and Lil
I think Matt and Kris are both better than how they performed tonight, and I truly believe that Lil deserves to go home. If we are looking at it from a performance perspective, (which we are suppose to be doing), then Lil gave the worst performance, and has been giving pretty terrible performances each week. Hopefully it will be the end for her. Well, thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: The Year They Were Born

First off, I'm sorry I haven’t been writing reviews for a while - life caught up with me somewhere along the way. Anyway, I am back, and I was expecting this night to be filled with boring, cheesy 80’s music, and I was slightly surprised. This season they sure are picking the most boring, snore worthy songs though. But one things for sure, Simon and Paula are acting stranger and stranger each week. It’s like Paula drags on forever and then Simon completes her sentences, and it’s just strange to me. What’s even stranger is that I am agreeing with everything the judges are saying tonight, with the exception of what they said about Chris and Adam. But yeah, below you will find my recap and opinions. And just to give you a heads up, Allison and Matt were AMAZING!! I really love both of them and it doesn’t hurt that they picked great songs! Anyway, enjoy the review and please leave me comments so I know that people actually read these things.

1. Danny
Song Choice: "Stand By Me"
Odd song choice but whatever, it might work. Different version, which was actually kinda cool. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin a little. I am starting to think that anything Danny does is awesome. I really think he is in it to win it, and I am totally okay with that.

2. Chris
Song Choice: "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"
He is going to rock on this song, perfect for his range. I like that he is playing the guitar but not liking that he is in the audience. That is so weird for me. He made the song very pop and relevant which I LOVED!! The judges are idiots, I thought his performance was great tonight.

3. Lil
Song Choice: "What’s Love Got To Do With It"
Great song choice. She looks completely different than the past weeks, and the new look is much better. I really don’t think she has anything special to her voice, and I never thought that, so I don’t know what the judges see in her. But she sounds all right tonight, but nothing compared to Tina Turner. It just didn’t work for me tonight. Kinda harsh to say, but I hope she is gone this week, because I personally don’t like her.

4. Anup
Song Choice: "True Colors"
LOVE this song and I am a little surprised he chose this. Great song! He sounds okay. I have a feeling he wont be safe this week - the song was a little boring and it never really picked up. He does have an awesome voice though! I hope he is safe because he is one of my early favorites. Plus the judges loved him, yay!

5. Scott
Song Choice: "The Search Is Over"
Weird to see him standing and playing the guitar (and singing about sight). Wow, there was some rough notes in there, but mad props for doing something completely different. I agree with the judges on this one. HAHA Scott says he has a punk side - I find that funny.

Song Choice: "I Cant Make You Love Me"
I LOVE this song, and I sing it at every karaoke bar I go to. Strange that Allison picked this song, but she sounds great. She has great control of her voice and I love her! I agree with the judges and every week she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson! I love, love, love, LOVE her! From the beginning I picked her to be in the finale, and I still think she has a chance.

7. Matt
Song Choice: Part Time Lovers
OMG LOVE HIM! That beginning was so awesome. Stevie Wonder is so hard to sing and he sounds great! He reminds me so much of Justin Timberlake its freaky. He really sounds great and it’s so different than last week. He def does this soul thing better than whatever he did last week. It was AWESOME! Agree with the judges completely!

8. Adam
Song Choice: "Mad World"
My sister is in love with him. I never saw it, and I still don’t see it after tonight. What the hell is this song? He always does something so dramatic and I just never get it. It actually irritates me. Like he has this special light on him and shit. Dude, you are just on American Idol - you’re not some superstar. And I do not agree with the judges on this one. I just don’t get him. Each week I think I am missing something, but I have yet to find it with him.

Bottom three:
Between Scott and Anup

I think and I hope that Lil will be leaving, but I am sure it will be someone else or that the judges will save her if she is going home. We shall see!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My night at The Circus!

This past Friday (which also happened to be my birthday, cough, cough), I went to see everyone's favorite karate kid, Ms. Britney Spears, live in concert. I'm going to preface this by saying that SPOILERS will be revealed, so if you are going to any of her future shows and want to be surprised, I suggest you stop reading now.

The evening kicked off with a 45-minute set by the Pussycat Dolls, America's low-rent version of the Spice Girls. Honestly, the vast majority of their songs sound the same to me, so I went to the bathroom and got a beer from the concession stand during their portion of the show. The lead Pussycat, Nicole, resorted to saying "Pittsburgh" and "Britney" every time she spoke to get the crowd to cheer. Yawn. I will say that they did end on a high note with singing "When I Grow Up," as their finale, which is pretty much the only song of theirs I like.

After about 45 minutes of stage set up and various circus acts - clowns (not scary ones), acrobats, etc., it was time for the real show to get started. Perez Hilton made a cameo in the opening video as Queen Elizabeth, and then the real queen, Britney herself, descended from the ceiling in a ringmaster ensemble to appropriately kick off the evening with a rendition of "Circus," the title track from her latest album.

From then on, the evening went full-speed ahead with non-stop entertainment for myself and 20,000 of my fellow Britney fans. Yes, Britney was lip-synching a good 99% of time, (the only exception may have been the ballad "Everytime," which was also the only slow song of the evening), but I expected that, and I don't care. With how intense the dancing was, I don't even know if it would be possible for her to really sing. She rarely addressed the enthusiastic crowd, and when she did, it was short and sweet: "What's up, Pittsburgh? Thank you for coming."

There were several costume changes, but the audience was kept entertained in the meantime with different acts of dance, gymnastics, and even a sexy video set to Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams." The set list heavily favored her new songs, but she also sang old staples as well: "Boys," "Toxic," "Me Against the Music," "Do Something" "I'm a Slave 4 U," and, of course, "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Noticeably absent, in my opinion, were "Oops, I Did It Again" and "Crazy," but maybe the latter hit a little too close to home.

It's hard to describe how visually stunning the show actually was. Everywhere you looked, there was something going on. It was like Cirque du Soleil + a professional magic show - featuring Max from Saved by the Bell as the magician! + excellent choreography/dancing, which = an overall fantastic concert.

I really enjoyed myself and would definitely go back again if Britney and her Circus ever roll into town again. With all of the craziness that seems to surround her, who knows if that will ever happen, but I'm glad I got to experience this show when I had the chance. It was a great birthday present to myself!


Monday, March 30, 2009

How am I supposed to live without you?

Saved by the Bell is my #1 all-time favorite show. I know it's awful, and I don't even care. There have been several attempts to reunite the cast (none of the original cast has appeared together since 1994's Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas), but it has never happened, much to my dismay. Each of the cast has gone onto varying degrees of fame or infamy (I'm talking to you, Dustin Diamond), with Mario Lopez being arguably the most famous. I saw him last summer on Broadway in A Chorus Line, and his reaction from the crowd was still very AC Slater-esque, proving that the love from the public is still there.

Jimmy Fallon of NBC's Late Night from Jimmy Fallon recently launched a campaign encouraging the SBTB cast to reunite. So far, the only one to agree is Dennis Haskins, better known to all of us as Mr. Belding. However, this is only the beginning. I encourage all of my fellow SBTB fans to watch this video and sign the reunion petition. This is history in the making!